Buying a Car or Home Without Riba (Interest)

Buying a Car or Home Without Riba (Interest)

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13 Responses

  1. Sarin C says:

    RIBA is a big problem for muslims and some solution needs to be found out.
    As for the solution of buying a house in sharing where there are many
    people involved and you pay the rent according to the share then its a good
    idea PROVIDED that if there is any damage to the house or needs repair then
    it is the responsibility of EVERYONE involved in the house not just the
    person living as according to my knowledge in a business transaction risk
    and profit/loss would go hand in hand.

    If the other people involved are not sharing in the risk then its no
    different than taking loans from the bank which are usually much cheaper.

  2. akva says:

    If I pay 100.000.00 can I pay same amount back?(if you vona help me buy
    home or car etc..) If NOT then there is RIBA! Prophet s.a.w.s. said: Haram
    is known and Halal is known,betwen that is….you know the rest.

  3. Kammy Last says:

    @Munir ulhaq
    What is the difference between legal marriage and illegal marriage… I
    think its a marriage certificate and witness just to make it halal without
    that marriage is invalid. I think islamic banks also using the same
    concept. … please correct if im wrong.

  4. nik mahani mohamad says:
  5. shanelejts says:

    as salam alaiykum, brother can you tell me which companies in Toronto are
    doing this so I can stay clear of them?

  6. Zatoichiable says:

    No knowledge? Just like that? typing against islam and muslim? At least
    argue with me with proof, my brother.

  7. adeel abbasi says:

    plz no one hear ask your opinion plz don’t waste your time typing bigotry
    as i have seen u before in Muslim and non Muslims videos always typing
    against Islam and giving your opinion on things that u have no knowledge off

  8. tanbir chowdhury says:

    sometimes i don’t believe those so called scolars. i want to live my life
    in this basic principle, haram is haram & halal is halal. rich muslim
    country should think of helping muslim people around the world, introduce
    diffrent interest free products instead of investing trillions of dolars in
    American and european banks.

  9. Psycnosis says:

    I am a muslim I live in Denmark and unlike most mulsims I am educated and I
    see NO diffrence in this… lets say you buy a car for 100.000 USD and take
    a loan in the bank for it with a fixed interest. Lets just say that when
    you done paying for the car you paid a total of 150.000 USD, means 50.000
    is interest. Instead of that you let another muslim buy it for 100.000 and
    resell it to you for 150.000 that you have to pay in terms…. what is the
    diffrnce cept that the muslim take bigger risc?

  10. Munir Ulhaq says:

    @Psycnosis The difference is very clear that we are deceiving ourselves
    knowingly that it is a sin, but just to feel good and to justify we change
    the name or play a trick on ourselves. We should remember that poop will
    remain poop no metter how much colongne we spray on it, the original smell
    will never go away

  11. adeel abbasi says:

    yes agree brother 100 percent well said

  12. bobjones3210 says:

    What is the difference in what the people in Toronto are doing? Instead of
    taking interest from an american, you are taking interest from a muslim,
    you are just not calling it interest. It doesnt mean that it is not
    interest, Its actually worse because your are being a hypocrite, by
    commiting a major sin,and trying to act ignorant that “Its not Riba”Any
    idiot can tell that paying a person more than actual retail price over a
    periodof time, is Riba,and you ant change price as time goesitsinterest

  13. Zatoichiable says:

    The problem the muslims are not helping each others. Sadly many among them
    are selfish too. A housing business was planned to house muslims with good
    financial arrangement. In the end the buyers refuse to pay their
    installment and the housing business died. If it were non muslims who owns
    it they will be force to evict and problem is solved but thats the way
    muslim conduct business among themselves. They mix relgion and business.

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