BURN FAT with “Mint Green Tea” recipe (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 Responses

  1. Brandon Carter says:

    “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you
    will find strength”

    -Marcus Aurelius

  2. TurtleNugget says:

    what I learned from this video was that if your spouse/gf/bf isn’t growing
    their own herbs on the windowsill u best dump that bitch

  3. Adam Richardson says:

    ‘I’m black not asian … I’m doing the best I can’

  4. ch0ke100 says:

    I’m a green tea addict and tried out about 30 different sorts so far. Of
    cours eI know which taste best, so here is my list for you:
    – Gyokuru (Japan)
    – Kabuse-Cha (Japan)
    – Seowang Sencha (Korea)
    – Sencha extrafine (Japan)
    – Chun Me (China)
    Try it out! It really tastes epic!

    Some other good tea’s if ur’re interested in burning fat:
    – Yin Zen (White Tea)
    – Oolong Tea
    – Mate Tea

  5. Sama Khwaara says:

    i like this carter guy i like the way he thinks the food looks nice

  6. Gio Gionta says:

    Hi Brandon. Love your channel. I have like 5-6 cups of Green tea a day with
    honey and cinnamon, Tastes really good and helps keep my blood pressure
    low too. It’s really has boosted my immune system and I haven’t been sick
    for years because of the Green Tea combo. You keep it real, speak your
    mind and I feel like we’d be best of friends man. I surround myself with
    successful, motivated people and I’ve always had a whatever it takes
    attitude, It’s that NY Grind shit man. I’m trying to better myself across
    the board and hopefully we can keep in touch. Thanks! 

  7. blond girl says:

    uu you are so hot and strong.hot muscular man you are so good looking.hot

  8. Le'Onto P says:

    To do list:
    Make some green tea
    Realise there’s not a single herb or spice in the window
    Dump that biiiieeetch
    Make gains.

  9. FullTimeGrinder says:

    Matcha powder is so much better than green tea, check it out!

  10. yaz smith says:

    “Im black not asian”lmao i miss drinking mint tea my mom has a whole
    forrest of mint leaves in the backyard but its all snow now:( 

  11. Frank Hartman says:

    That was great Dump that bitch! Lol I personally like to brew my T
    overnight no boiling water

  12. Heather Buss says:

    Ha ha! Dump the girl if she doesn’t grow herbs. That’s funny! I never
    thought to add mint to my green tea. I’m going to pick some right now! I do
    grow mint, but the container is way to big for my windowsill. =)

  13. Frost Salonica says:

    DAMN BRO thats exactly what i was thinkin to do startin this summer, im off
    coffe since January and i was thinking of start drinking again cuz greece
    already got TOO hot for hot tea, and iced teas i find on the market are
    full of sugar and stevia and preservants and shit! HELL YEAH! TEA FTW! (Q1:
    How long do you leave the mint? Q2: Is it too bad if i add a little honey?
    I add like 2 drops of it for every cup! Not that much right?) 😛 Cheers!

  14. RemediedYawn says:

    Man, you got vids on all the shit I have questions about. Awesome.

  15. Jose Leon says:

    If she don’t make her own herbs dump that bitch 

  16. Yeoh Kai Zheng says:

    But does Green Tea decrease testosterone level? 

  17. Kiefer says:

    dump that bitch!

  18. Bongalope MaryJane says:

    Cold brewing is the best.
    Just throw some loose leaf green tea in filtered water, throw it in the
    fridge over night, boom, done. It brews it with the highest amount of
    antioxidants still in the tea, and it lowers the amount of caffeine. 

  19. Lou Maze says:

    biglow is better. i dont trust thing that r green and not suppose to b

  20. Andres Gonzalez says:

    Hey where do I get the thing to put the mint leaves in at. Or can I just
    throw them in with the tea. Let me know thanks

  21. Glenda Jefferson says:

    I wish he would come tell me that shit I’m kicking his ass out better go to
    Wal-Mart for some dame trees

  22. ZHeMAGAZINE says:

    Yes, we use green tea and add natural fruits, herbs, spices and even
    certain vegetables to it for various purposes from hair & skin deep
    cleansers & detox to helping the body maintain proper temperature
    especially during hot weather seasons, etc. Awesome information and it is
    ALWAYS better to grow your own herbs. It only takes a plant bed, soil,
    seeds and water. That shouldn’t be too much for a person to handle. 

  23. yodatwinkie says:

    3:20 50/50 chance and you guessed the wrong side lolz.

  24. Manuel Villarreal says:

    are you in QUEENS?!?!?!?

  25. mike mike says:

    Im over here dying laughing lolllloool!

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