Burn Fat Fast: 20-Minute Full Body Workout At Home to Lose Weight No Equipment

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24 Responses

  1. jessicasmithtv says:

    Brand NEW Workout: 5 Body Weight Moves to Burn Fat FAST! This 20-Minute Fat
    Burning Workout gets the job done:

  2. BeyDuh says:

    I’ll try this later. I wasn’t able to finish the last week of #SpringAhead
    challenge because I found an abandoned kitten barely 2 weeks old and I
    spent most of my time (day/night) trying to get it to eat to survive. He
    died this Sunday morning…he held on as long as he could and he died
    cradled next to my heart. I just hope he felt loved and wanted before he
    died because even if he was just with me barely a week, I loved him very
    much. Sorry, just wanted to share…can’t stop crying 🙁 My dog can sense
    how sad I am and he’s been with me all this time.

  3. Peaches N Creme says:

    Just finished this workout. I must say that I am a sweaty mess!!! It
    looks so deceptively simple (I previewed before I did it) but once I got
    going … ugh! That last set of push ups!!! OUCH! Almost didn’t make it
    … I hit failure before you did. 😀 Definitely felt this in my entire
    body. Love the body weight workouts … so nice to know I can get a great
    work out in from the comfort of my own home with just me, you and Peanut
    too. Keep up the great work!
    #jessicasmithwillworkyouout #noequipmentneeded #fitchicksrock

  4. akai neko says:

    Simple moves but still a great workout and hard work for the whole body.
    Thanks .x

  5. Paula Larson says:

    Love this workout but it’s hard to do since the audio and video don’t
    match. Can this be fixed?

  6. Joni Flowers says:

    I can’t wait to try this one, it looks amazing!

  7. Robin Ojay says:

    this was kool……just a little fast

  8. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    Had to try this right away. Oh my goodness- that’s an intense no-nonsense
    workout. When you said third round, I thought I wouldn’t make it…but I
    pushed through and finished.

  9. Liz Beardmore says:

    Great start to the week with this new workout! We are away this week,
    staying in a hotel – so this will be perfect! Thank you Jessica x

  10. Kathleen Foyle says:

    Whew! That was exciting. Love the new workout routine.

  11. Daniela Diaz says:

    Love your workouts. Im going to try it!

  12. JOAN DIMINO says:

    This was a great, tough (for me) workout. I used some modifications, but I
    made it through! Thanks, Jessica and Peanut!

  13. Christina. Ocasio says:

    Great workout for getting my blood pumping…thanks Jessica

  14. mipie says:


  15. J Higgins says:

    Loved this body weight workout. Feeling stronger day by day. Thanks!

  16. Carrie A Groff says:

    Awesome basic cardio workout! Got my sweat on! #JSTVFIT #SweatPink
    #FitFluential #Cardio #Fitness

  17. Robin Vick says:

    Jessica, I did this today and I really liked it! You continue to top
    yourself week after week. I’m going to repeat Summer Shape Up and do Shaun
    T.’s T25 this week so I combined with Total Body in 10 and T25 Alpha
    Cardio. I was scared of T25 but I got through it fairly easily. You have
    prepped me well! Foundations of Yoga today was High Lunge. 

  18. SweetlyFab Sarah says:

    I was so excited to see a new workout this morning. I am not sure I was
    ready for some hardCore Sweating but it was great. Keep up the great
    workouts, Jessica!

  19. Marie-Annick Bordeleau says:

    I love this type of simple but effective workout. Is was really challenging
    at some point (180 lunges……anyone?) !

  20. Tanya Walker says:

    THIS was PERFECT! I did a really hard strength training yesterday and I
    wanted to do some cardio but not long and drawn out but get the kinks out.
    I feel GREAT! Plus, I think going back to basics is good for us
    experienced folks too! I have learned that recently. You must know and
    ask yourself, “can I still do a basic squat without weights using great

  21. Camden Smith says:

    I liked this back to the basics for my cardio focus today. Following with
    last year’s 15 minute summer sizzler and then stretching. I’ve been working
    out so much my legs are arms need a break lol. I did heavy lifting on arms
    yesterday so push-ups were a nice burn out and I love that you continue to
    incorporate negative push-ups in your workouts because they are what really
    form our triceps. Thanks Jessica.

    Also did you train peanut to sit there and watch you on your Mat? I notice
    she never runs when you start to work out LOL and Mickey my dog as you have
    seen in my fitness reviews of your workouts….he only sticks around if
    he’s on the bed otherwise he hides when I work out LOL until I get to
    Abdominals then he decides it’s time to come with my face

  22. Kayla Siniscalchi says:

    Combined this with the Fitin15 Full Body Fat Burn Workout! Great workouts!

  23. Nakeia Weaver says:

    Great work, fast and effective!! Jessica thanks for the great work outs and
    challenges. I loss 6 pounds and 3 inches off waist, arms, and thighs
    completing the springahead challenge!!! 

  24. Carol Forjaz says:

    Amei esse workout !!! Ele é ótimo trabalha várias partes do corpo e a
    música tbm é boa :)

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