Bruce Lipton – The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet 1 of 2

Provided under Fair Use for education purposes only. Full credit to the creators. By Bruce Lipton Recent advances in cellular science are heralding an important evolutionary turning point….

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  1. hempward says:

    @Maria Eugenia: I look at it this way. Faith is the pursuit of knowledge.
    Belief is the pursuit of confusion. The intention may be identical, however
    one path is founded in delusion while the other is founded on principles. 🙂

    A parallel is that wisdom is rooted in fear, as it is cautionary, while
    righteousness is rooted in love, as it is principled.

  2. Terri Shafer says:

    Ben Lynch speaks highly of the New Biology lecture by Bruce Lipton. I found
    it on YouTube and watched Part 1 tonight. (Bruce Lipton – The New Biology –
    Where Mind and Matter Meet 1 of 2) I agree it’s powerful stuff. It reminded
    me of the importance of working on the mind, since it has such a powerful
    impact on the expression of genes.

    Lipton’s message also reminded me not assume a given gene or mutation is
    actually being expressed. Instead, as others on this board have so
    eloquently stated, it’s important to be self-aware and to get testing done
    to either prove or disprove a hypothesis.

  3. Angela Estes says:
  4. Maria Eugenia says:

    Beliefs control our genes ;D

  5. Patrick Baptiste says:

    Dr. Bruce Lipton – PhD – should be nominated as Minister of Health for
    planet earth.

  6. Don Kanis says:

    Among many of his accomplishments Bruce Lipton taught the graduating
    MEDICAL doctors at U of W and Stanford, but some still insist on referring
    to him as unscientific.
    The human genome project fell flat on its face as Bruce knew it would
    because genes don’t control our biology and they never have. How difficult
    it that to understand? Or are we so backward we have to waste billions and
    billions more dollars (as we did with the genome project) to use as Occums
    razor to prune away all the incorrect stuff we have been taught in last
    century old school biology classes? What will we say then? “Duhhhh .
    . . . . . . maybe Bwuce was wight” ?

  7. Jordi Niuta Semenova Torres says:
  8. hempward says:

    Thanks for watching, learning, and the compliment. peace be with you friend

  9. kettlebell innervator says:

    Great video. This type of education raises awareness that will bring us
    into the new age of time. innerv82grow

  10. Adrian Cline-Bailey says:

    I love this video so much, the information IS changing my life!

  11. hempward says:

    Well that’s always nice to hear. I’m glad for you. Keep a good thing going.
    Peace 🙂

  12. Max Radico says:

    hey hempward…you do post great videos… thank you…keep it up…!!!

  13. ExtantFrodo2 says:

    CORRECTING BRUCE’S LIES: The sensors of your membranes are proteins
    produced by the sequences of your genes. The activating/inhibiting agents
    are produced by other genetic sequences. If either of those are wrong then
    environmental signals (beliefs) can’t tell the cell what to do. Even when
    those are right, the activated gene could be fucked with no option for
    producing a good response to the environment. Additionally, you can NOT
    rewrite your genes to fix these problems.

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