Breastfeeding is everyone’s business | Jenn Anderson | TEDxBrookings

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Breastfeeding her son on the TEDx stage is just the beginning. Mother and researcher Dr. Jenn Anderson…

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  1. Jenn Anderson says:

    Apparently Winter has already achieved local celebrity status from this
    video! He was just recognized at the playground today with Justin 🙂 The
    woman said, “is that Winter? I recognize him from YouTube!” Very cool! He’s
    such a breastfeeding advocate! 🙂

    #breastfeeding #tedtalks 

  2. Jenn Anderson says:

    I breastfed my son, Winter, on stage as I delivered a TEDx talk on creating
    breastfeeding-friendly cities. Check out the video here.

    Breastfeeding is everyone’s business.

  3. Kay Hardie says:

    Just watched and shared your brilliant talk, Jenn. As a woman, mother,
    midwife and citizen of the world, we must ensure that breast feeding is
    supported, expected, protected, promoted and celebrated.

  4. Andrea Syms-Brown IBCLC says:

    This was really quite lovely! I too am an IBCLC (private practice in NYC) I
    loved your position. Cradle Rocks!!

  5. Ginger Kern says:

    Awesome job, Jenn! I was smiling the whole way through your talk when I saw
    you deliver it, and it’s great to see it being so well received online too
    🙂 Bravo!

  6. Kristy Kemp says:

    I shared to Breastfeeding Mama Talk!! 

  7. Clare Boyle, Midwife & Breastfeeding Consultant says:

    Congratulations Jenn, this is absolutely wonderful!!! I love that you did
    the whole thing while feeding Winter, just fab. Your message is so
    important and will go a long way towards normalising breastfeeding. I am
    an IBCLC based in Ireland and we have the lowest breastfeeding rates in
    Ireland and really we need to get the entire country to become
    breastfeeding friendly :). Your great presentation will become part of my
    tool kit, congrats again. Clare Boyle BSc, RM, IBCLC

  8. Vikki Kidd says:

    Well Done Jenn, another small step to normalising breastfeeding. Vikki
    Kidd IBCLC

  9. Lucie Maguire Kramer says:

    You have me in tears! I’m imagining a Breastfeeding Friendly community in
    which to have a baby – powerful! Lucie, MS, RD, working mother of 14mo,
    still breastfeeding

  10. Eva Ellegaard Jønsson says:

    Fantastic we Will let it go World Wilde from Denmark

  11. Balanced Breastfeeding says:

    Breastfeeding is everyone’s business

  12. Miriam Labbok says:

    We have developed a Breastfeeding Friendly Community Ten Steps and are
    Can we be in touch?

  13. Baby Cafe USA says:

    Kuddos Jenn! So glad you did that talk. Lack of breastfeeding is a national
    health issue, and we here at Baby Cafe USA believe that it is the
    responsibility of ALL people in ALL communities to provide the crucial
    support necessary to help babies get human milk. Carry on and do good work!

  14. Daria McPhee says:


  15. Lizette Cahue says:

    Yesssss please support breastfeeeding 

  16. Attie Sandink says:

    well done. You did an awesome job ;-)

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