Born To Succeed ► Motivational Video

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. Younes Marxieu says:

    If you would like to help me translate this video, just text me or you can
    use amara link:
    Thank you for all your support !

  2. Shiba Inus says:

    I turned 18 a few weeks ago and still I have no idea what I want to do with
    my life.
    I really hate school it makes me sick even think of going there every
    morning, I´m good in fitness stuff (I can benchpress 120kg about 4x..) but
    still I feel like I have to do something bigger, I just have no clue what.

  3. Heavenly space says:

    Born To Succeed ► Motivational Video

  4. Han Fan The Internet Man - Get BEST Bonus and Review HERE ... :) :) :) says:

    Born To Succeed ► Motivational Video


    When will you Start on your IM business?

  5. Jayaprakash A says:

    Born To Succeed ► Motivational Video

  6. Miguel Angel Ortiz Camilo says:

    We all’ve born to succeed #caturda because Apache Tomcat and Software

  7. Zivers says:

    Сделал и русские, и английские сабы. Enjoy. 

  8. Selby Evans says:

    You out there! Yes you! Listen to this video! BE GREAT! BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

  9. Krenar Rexhepi says:

    Think for a moment, if you are going to die today, and last visitors who
    are coming to visit you are dreams given to you by God, the ideas that you
    never acted at all, the talents, the gifts, the abilities that you never
    used. And there they are standing around your bed, looking at you with
    large angry eyes and saying “We came to you and only you could have given
    us life. Now we must die with you for ever.”

    #life #death #motivation #success #successtips #quotes
    #successquotes #successstory 

  10. Michelle Elez says:

    “Life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

  11. Marcos H says:

    We are all have the ability to succeed. We are all born the same, but it’s
    the path we choose and build for ourselves that makes us different.

  12. Diverse VE says:

    Motivational video you should watch!?

  13. Douglas Thompson says:

    Born To Succeed ► Video:

  14. shortstack says:

    So cool man

  15. Ruben Arellanes says:

    Have you reached your potential.?

  16. Miguel Angel Ortiz Camilo says:

    No respawn. Just one life

  17. Doug Patterson says:

    Love this video. This has given me a burst of inspiration to work to
    achieve! I know I can be more than average. Work hard and smart, don’t be
    bitter about the struggles but strive to make things better. I know I can
    achieve my greatness; I know that anyone can. Work hard and don’t give up
    and you can achieve greatness. To live, is relatively easy; to live to ones
    potential takes effort. It is harder but worth it in the end. 

  18. Lyndcole Colleen Yamzon says:

    i need a bible scripture for this one?? please?

  19. Angela Michelle says:

    Great video…

  20. Gennadij Mi says:

    Вся бибилия и история людей за 4 минуты. Это все в прошлом, и потому черти
    тянут нас назад. Они не могут увидеть будущего, им не дано туда войти, и
    потому они не хотят туда пустить человека. Потому что если человек шагнет в
    будущее – они останутся здесь, в одиночестве, скрипя зубками от злости.
    Ведь станет видна их сущность и тот факт, что они – просто паразиты

  21. Angel Perez says:

    LIFE !! :)

  22. CRYSTAL MaryLou Hasker says:

    NO FEAR !!!

  23. Miguel Ortiz says:

    We have the gift to be successful in life 

  24. Vision Personal Training Darlinghurst says:

    You were born to succeed, let us help you achieve your results this year!

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