Bodyweight Workout Routine – Nonstop Total Body Workout

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24 Responses

  1. Johnny Kelly says:

    *Great workout, l am 30 and aIthough l am pretty heaIthy, l needed to start
    a sIow Iow impact workout, this one is great !Easy to foIIow, l may not be
    abIe to do say 30 of one exercise but the fact that you change it up so l
    can do that amount but not aII at once. AND l feel good after each session
    ! l WiII continue to try and do this daiIy.*

  2. Mike Marshall says:

    Sweating back into shape. Thanks FitnessBlender.

  3. Chetas Patel says:

    Good work out sweating

  4. varadigabor says:

    Today was my first time to do 4 rounds instead of 3 of this workout!

  5. t jones says:

    Body weight only ? 

  6. Masoud Anwar says:

    Great Workout

  7. Francine Williams says:

    Good workout. I still need to work my way to a full pushup.

  8. mryoyo1234 says:

    Did it straight with out breaks! Sweating like an animal though! 

  9. Benjamin Chan says:

    Hey wow this is an awesome fitness video!!

  10. SuperYpk says:

    how many times a week can i do this

  11. Shaun Christopher says:

    6th Feb PM workout:
    Bodyweight Workout Routine – Nonstop Total Body Workout Bodyweight Workout
    Routine – Nonstop Total Body Workout …

  12. Shaun Christopher says:

    8th Feb workout:
    Bodyweight Workout Routine – Nonstop Total Body Workout
    Bodyweight Workout Routine – Nonstop Total Body Workout …

  13. saru cauli says:

    Have you heard about “Hexcul Ripped Max?” (Google it) It is a quick way
    to get ripped fast.

  14. Nathan Gent says:

    what about laterals and biceps correct me if im wrong but im not so sure i
    seen an exercise for those, great routine though guys :)

  15. zuzana neshybová says:
  16. mohan neupane says:

    Hello, have you heard about Stupid Simple Slimming? (search for it on
    google) You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With
    Stupid Simple Slimming, you will discover how to shed pounds quickly.

  17. FitnessBlender says:

    Lots of people have seen results. Read the comments section on any of our
    videos or go to Facebook where you can read about everyone’s progress. The
    only variable is whether or not you DO it!

  18. Yuliana Murray says:

    I just did this workout along with the hourglass one! I was sweating tons
    lol…. Thank u!

  19. Legionary42 says:

    I don’t know what your workout is, but it sounds like you should be
    focusing more on changing your diet. You’re going to have to eat a surplus
    of calories to gain weight. Look at the different calorie calculators on
    line to find out how many calories maintain your body weight. Then, a good
    place to start is to eat 200-500 calories more than is needed to maintain
    your body weight. And, for your workouts, if you’re able to do 20+ reps at
    a time, you’re not using enough weight! aim for 8-12.

  20. FitnessBlender says:

    We do, for many of them. We have started to do that for all of the new ones
    (it’s been a learning process). We also have an entire library of printable
    routines, so you might wanna check that out as well.

  21. FitnessBlender says:

    We do have mass building routines that you should take a peek at, and you
    may also need to consider bumping up your caloric intake (especially with
    all of the exercising you are doing). I do like your idea though for the
    routine for skinny women to build body mass, I will see what I can do about
    creating that kind of routine for our “to-do” list. Thank you for watching!

  22. cagohupu98 says:

    Thanks a lot kelli yo make my day,lots of love

  23. FitnessBlender says:

    @cagohupu98 Though the validity of the BMI measurement is debated, you are
    within the healthy range for your height (between 19.1 and 25.8) at 23.6.
    It’s hard to tell something like that without considering your body fat
    percentage and frame size (among other things), but generally speaking, no,
    you do not need to lose weight. Probably at least partially because you
    have been so committed to working out, Cagohupu! ~Kelli

  24. Zornitsa Atanasova says:

    Thank you very much 🙂

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