Bill Nye: Why We Explore

According to Bill Nye, if you stop exploring, you’re not going to move forward as a species. Your country’s economy will also fall behind. After all, space exploration stimulates the economy,…
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  1. Simon Keel says:

    Understanding the deepest problems of the universe is important not only
    for evolution of our reality but dare I say of spirituality. Religion
    really should support science more because there are problems out there
    that when they are solved it would bring peace to the idea of death. I do
    recognize though that the vastness of space and time may always be
    incomprehensible to the mind we have right now, maybe it is something you
    could only understand if you were outside looking in. Remember that the
    universe is a very small part to a picture that is infinite. A human mind
    does not have the capacity to understand this. Life is a beautiful thing
    and science is very important. It is important to evolve our ideas and
    become more intelligent, but how far down the rabbithole can we look before
    we realize we aren’t getting to the bottom of it. It is amazing, it is
    chaos, it is profound and prolific beyond our imagination. Was there a
    beginning? The big bang is a good theory, but that wasn’t the beginning, it
    was something that happens an insane number of times. People think “oh the
    big bang, it is so important” it is like looking at a grain of sand in a
    desert. The universe is a nice thought, but it is a grain of sand.

  2. Lem0nsquid says:

    I really hope Im able to get out into space before I die. Perhaps even go
    to a moon colony. Plans are to become a structural welder for somebody like

  3. Fallible Fiend says:

    Well said, Bill! We need the voice of people who care about science, not
    the economic, political and religious mythologists!

  4. Lon Horiuchi says:

    Politics and science don’t mix well Billy.

  5. Cici Manchester says:

    We explore the world because of a deep-rooted, unconscious instinct we have
    to understand our surroundings. Some people explore the inner workings of
    human relationships or even celebrities to better understand themselves.
    Others explore the natural world. The spirit of exploration can be
    suppressed by disappointment, alcohol, drugs and depression, or cranky old
    age. A child cannot suppress curiosity but adults can.

  6. peanuts2105 says:

    Glacial water for the mind. It is so clear I can see the stars

  7. J William Pope VEVO says:

    Bill Nye: empty lab coat. Humans have always looked for stuff, without
    benefit of a-holes like Nye telling them how great exploration is and how
    they should not stop doing it.

    As far as economics goes, he’s also being a dick. It certainly will be
    “well-educated” people lifting us up. But not the type of “intellectuals”
    which Nye imagines. It will be men who have vision to explore, discover,
    and most important, to EXPLOIT (yes, EXPLOIT) discoveries for PROFIT (yes,

    It has ever been thus.

  8. Jeimy Mora says:

    Espesialmente en el espacio?no se a terminado de descubrir lo de la tierra
    y dusiendo que lo mejor esta en las afueras de nuestra admosfera. Como el
    mismo lo dijo:mientras mas descubrimos,menos savemos

  9. Brave Apollo says:

    Fucking Bill Nye is Fucking ACE! I never realized!

  10. VoltageTHD says:

    The grand adventures of Space!

  11. The Bully Pulpit says:

    One of the few bright lights out there who can pull off goofy and brilliant
    at the same time. 

  12. j9312 says:

    “Everybody’s like ‘What?’ Dude, yea.”

  13. MacGyverMan says:

    The thing is, to do any actual exploration or “to boldly go where no man
    has gone before” requires too much goddamn effort, I don’t want to spend a
    good portion of my life training to be an astronaut just to fly a couple
    inches off this rock just to sit there for a day or two…

  14. DnS says:

    Right staying at home when exploring space is just completely idiotic
    considering the vast distance of space itself…But my issue here is we
    have so many problems on this planet yet we continue to waste billions
    world wide on space exploration. Messed up planet. 

  16. Aaron Bell says:

    Bill Nye looks like Abraham Lincoln… Aaand now I just realized @David
    Wakefield said the same thing hahah. 

  17. Sina Madani says:

    “The more you know, the more you realize how much you DON’T KNOW.”
    Wow, that is true yet mystifying

  18. usuallydead says:

    “…especially in space.” 

  19. eninfonivek says:

    bill ur my hero.

  20. Dhalsim Jones says:

    “big think”, brought to you by neo-liberal, neo-atheist, neo-darwinian and
    neo-hyper-skeptical foundations of America.

  21. Daniel Natzke says:

    Okay Nye, talk to the president

  22. SIMKINETICS says:

    Reductio ad absurdum?

  23. JaggedToaster12 says:

    No, that’s why it’s a theory.

  24. Buk Lau says:

    I cant hate on them, but I think that all they belive is so wrong. I just
    cant belive that they belive in something written of unkown people in the
    desert several thousand years ago to be the history of everything. It just
    makes no sense although I geuss Im no better because I belive so much in
    science, but is there one thing science got that the bible dont its PROOF!

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