Big Spider Egg Sac Surgery Opening Scary Weird Nature Pt2

Time to open the big spider egg sac which if from the giant Huntsman spider. These large spiders have infested my home for the past few years. It’s not nice finding a spider egg sac in the…

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25 Responses

  1. 刘凯琳 says:

    Why doesn’t he just squish them all?

  2. Maria Diakoumis says:


  3. Blazzike Leafino says:

    Yo, dude you’re awesome! I love the spider killing videos. >:)

  4. ahrian mahndee says:

    Now im afraid of tapioca……

  5. Frank Matthews says:

    Since when did spiders poop out grapes? 

  6. Slender Man says:

    dude you leave that house and dont come back or you burn the house down or
    you explode the house

  7. FantageBesties says:

    Here in Australia in Melbourne. I had never seen a really big spider with
    my bare eyes…
    I only seen Danny long legs… And they still scare me…

  8. Lexi Roberts says:


  9. Jamin Mann says:

    they are spider eggs you will have a lot of spider in your house.

  10. Clawsandpaws2002 Toy Reviews says:

    They look like mini grapes

  11. Andrew Harrington says:

    Those were all alive eggs.. Would of hatched any day if u had left it
    there.. Or kept them in a container. They weren’t dead.

  12. Tommy Tompkins says:

    That egg sack is from a huntsman spider and it can lay about 200 eggs and
    that egg sack looks exactly like the huntsman spiders egg sack

  13. ReTRo GAming says:

    In QLD i never get anything and i have 3 aircons in my house

  14. Adam Shull says:

    the life thing is wasp larva!

  15. Abdur-Rahman Khan says:

    I watched video
    video cut open 5 week egg, grape things. they said that it still hadent
    finished the incubation process and they sew the egg back to its original
    shape and left it, you should of done the same

  16. chris nath says:

    EEWWW i just ate before watching this

  17. asx305 says:

    bomb your house down plant c4’s everywhere and escape from this place

  18. jelly bean says:

    that’s the egg……….I think

  19. Wankershim, The ultimate says:

    :I Legitimate insurance claim. House cannot be lived in. 

  20. thechosenbob12 says:

    Is this not a legitimate insurance claim? House infested with spiders?

  21. Hussan Khan says:

    At first in part 1 I thought ‘ That’s just a piece of tishoo, get rid of it
    ‘. But now… well… errr.. yeah..

  22. bigkahuna2001 says:

    Oh no… “Want a grape?” :D

  23. Libby Malcolm says:

    its a tralanchula im 9 dont juge the spelling i looked it up but luckely
    there way over due to hach the mum forgot them 🙂
    hope that helped

  24. INFINITY GAMER says:

    wtf is that :o

  25. Jhon Arbucle says:


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