Beyoncé: “Move Your Body” [Full Workout Routine]

First Lady Michelle Obama and Beyoncé team up for Let’s Move! campaign against childhood obesity. Here’s the complete routine for the new “Get Me Bodied” remix. At you can download…

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25 Responses

  1. Diana Ramos says:

    I’m doing this dance for dance 

  2. Sidonia's handmade jewelry says:

    This is lovely and great!

  3. LesConseilsdeSylvie says:

    Quelle chouette façon de s’entraîner 🙂 Et en plus besoin de rien comme
    accessoires donc pour tout le monde !

  4. Denise Makaneole says:

    That skinny girl on the left fuckin had me laughing

  5. Denaejah Darby says:

    love itt they have it on gonoodle to u should try it

  6. Zora Ricks says:

    I luv the dude in the back he is just rocking it

  7. The Diamond Hunter says:

    I have to learn this for gym on Tuesday and this helped me so much it’s
    better that the actual video because I was mostly focusing on the words not
    the moves this helped so much thanks so much you are an amazing dancers :D

  8. 知曉風 says:

    Beyoncé: “Move Your Body” [Full Workout Routine]:

  9. Twili Sparkle says:

    im going this in P.E

  10. PERLE Tahiti Acnl says:

    The dancing is cool. I’m french but I look at the dancing, I have an IPod
    cool because I can look at the dancing! They is super ! 

  11. Carrie M says:

    I can’t find this on iTunes? Anyone know where/how I can download this

  12. winkyroo says:

    The guy in the group is freaking awesome

  13. mimiAnime1 says:

    Im doing this dance xD

  14. misti102 says:

    guys u’r amazing!! 😀 i m watching u again and again:)

  15. Angel Williams - Gray says:

    watching the guy the whole time

  16. Gabriella Francesca says:


  17. Petra Lekatoo Schulz says:

    very nice ! I can repeat it always 🙂 so cool, so lovely , so naturel, so

  18. Matt Jack says:

    i have this at my school we doing it for the winter break i think GREAT

  19. Irida Chrystal says:
  20. Evelyn M says:

    Don’t like Beyoncé, but I love this video. The little white girl in the
    front is awesome!

  21. Jéssica Ximenes says:

    Bora ensaiar pra aquecer ne?

  22. Rachel Robinson says:

    Beyoncé: “Move Your Body” [Full Workout Routine]:

  23. Sarah Nutella says:

    The Boy on the right can dance!

  24. 2COOLKIDZ says:

    I’m going to dance this song for school

  25. miguel cardenas says:

    the boy is the one beautiful….i like him i don’t look te girls only he 

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