Betty’s Homestyle Whipped Potatoes

Betty demonstrates how to make perfect homestyle whipped potatoes to accompany her country-style dinner. Homestyle Whipped Potatoes 3 medium to large potatoes (I used Russet potatoes.) water…
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25 Responses

  1. Madamsfl says:

    Looks great, Betty! This is just the way I make mine but I called them
    “creamed” potatoes. Delicious! Thanks for sharing your great videos.

  2. Betty's Kitchen says:

    @jperry411 Yes, just make sure that they are cooked until they are soft. It
    would be too much work for a whisk, if the potatoes are not soft. –Betty 🙂

  3. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Whipped potatoes will do that for you! Thanks, as always, for your nice
    comment! –Betty 🙂

  4. Betty's Kitchen says:

    You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy the recipe! Thanks for commenting! –Betty

  5. Betty's Kitchen says:

    @Madamsfl Thanks for your sweet comment! –Betty 🙂

  6. Nailpedia says:

    That looks good! I would love to smear it on a garlic toast

  7. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your comment! –Betty 🙂

  8. Blackrose_ says:

    Hello Betty! i m 11 this year 2011 and i would like to ask if i could use
    less butter? cause a stick of butter is too fattening.

  9. Betty's Kitchen says:

    We did that in my family when I was growing up. I’ll try to get that the
    next time I do a type of fried or oven-baked steak. Thanks for the
    suggestion! –Betty 🙂

  10. edwelsh says:

    Do you ever make white gravy for your chicken fried steak? If you do show
    us that recipe.

  11. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Thanks!!! –Betty 🙂

  12. CitrineVlogging says:

    @2000kpop It’s a stick because Betty is cooking so much potato if you are
    cooking that amount of potato it would be wiser to still use a stick for
    flavour and smoothness but obviously if it’s a smaller amount a stick would
    be too much 🙂

  13. Kengikat says:

    Great job Betty, that looks great

  14. the_syco says:

    Awesome! Needed to know how whip spuds to throw on top of a shepherds pie,
    and the video tells me just that. Thanks 😀

  15. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad it came out great for you! –Betty 🙂

  16. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Thanks for commenting! I hope some people will try this with pepper–I do
    like pepper, too–just thought this looked a little nicer! Thanks for
    writing! –Betty 🙂

  17. musicmylife4life says:

    hi betty, i am 15 years and i love to cook, but i never stick to the recipe
    i do research on what basic ingredients i need for whatever i am making and
    give it a twist of my own . i like the idea of whipped potatoes instead of
    mashed because when u masheD potatoes sometimes you end up with big chunks
    of potatoes. Very clever idea i look foward to making this side dish which
    country fried staek and white gravy, of course with my own little twist.
    thanx for posting videos of your recipes. 😀

  18. fezan84 says:


  19. Betty's Kitchen says:

    @musicmylife4life I hope you enjoyed the whipped potatoes! Thanks for
    commenting! –Betty 🙂

  20. rainbowdrops22 says:

    That looks like a lovely dinner! What are crescent rolls? I know you can
    buy them in the US, but what are they if you wanted to make them in the UK?
    Loads of people use them in southern, homestyle recipes. xoxo Beth

  21. xxthunder25xx says:

    i was just wanting to say that i do mine just like that and i always think
    it tastes better if you add some pepper!

  22. jonanjello says:

    Awesome! thanks for the tutorial.

  23. Betty's Kitchen says:

    @2000kpop Yes, you can cut the butter down to a very small amount and the
    potatoes will still be very good! –Betty 🙂

  24. Betty's Kitchen says:

    You are very welcome! I have a feeling that your hot roast beef sandwich is
    going to turn out great! –Betty 🙂

  25. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Thanks for your compliment! Refrigerated, canned crescent rolls are a lot
    like refrigerated biscuits. If you have a recipe that requires crescent
    rolls, you probably could get by with a can of refrigerated flaky biscuits.
    Just put them side by side into a square or rectangle and roll them with a
    dough roller. Thanks, as always, for your sweet comment! –Betty 🙂

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