Best Ways to memorize the Quran By Shiekh Jamac Hareed

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16 Responses

  1. the best says:

    Im 2 but i will try insha allah 🙂 

  2. rehnuma shaikh says:

    i am going to memorize the quran and i am only 11

  3. Abdalla Said says:


  4. adam ako says:

    jazakallah brother 

  5. maem youn says:

    Thank you brother

  6. Filza Tahir says:

    I’m memorising the Quran

  7. Filza Tahir says:

    I am only 9

  8. Sama r says:

    may Allah bless you Sheikh

  9. kathya ayesha says:


  10. Sana Qadeer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing brother and please pray for the Muslims who
    are trying to memorize the Quran.

  11. adama drame says:

    Adama Ben Mahady

  12. Gary Miller says:

    Its informative. But the echoing in the sound recording is nauzubillah.

  13. masiq says:

    please do not give too much reverb or delay on the recording 🙂

  14. Ramzi Nabil says:

    May Allah reward you both.

  15. Rahmah Mercy says:

    Mashallah! =)

  16. QuranHafiz says:

    Very Helpful. 🙂

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