MUST WATCH BEFORE BUYING A NEW CAR* This is the best way to not get screwed when buying a car. This video is one of the best videos out there on this matter. Taken from the movie ‘Suckers’…

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  1. tefrumpzax says:

    This video is from 2012? It looks like it was recorded in the late 90’s

  2. hippo potamus says:

    Great great video. Outstanding presentation and information.
    This guy reminds me of a no BS straight talking Italian Consigliere. 

  3. morehn says:

    A 15 minute video could save you 15% or more on a car purchase.

  4. jess sagalow says:

    great video! Cant wait to go and stick it to these sales guys tomorrow!

  5. Bunny Munro says:

    Love it & love him, but I so wish he would use a pen that doesn’t make that
    sound on the paper; it was giving me goose bumps.

  6. Carlos Nunez says:

    It’s no wonder you got fired ! 

  7. Jon Paul says:

    WOW! This video is awesome thank you for the insight. 

  8. beebop shopbop says:

    Love this video. Great job. Also it does look like it was filmed in the
    90’s like some people have said. Lol but i loved that cause i grew up in
    the 90’s. Watched this video while drinking a “Surge” 

  9. Ye Win says:

    awesome video!

  10. Robert Polkamp says:

    Very good video. Your focus on the total asking price is key. Perhaps your
    next video could focus more on the MSRP, Invoice, and most importantly the
    Holdback! Those shiney new car dealerships that keep the lights on all
    night and advertise on radio and TV until your sick of it have a much
    larger margin than Invoice. Just to preview your advanced course: The MSRP
    is typically 500% of true dealer cost, that’s where the wiggle room starts.
    Cars are purchased every day at 20-25% off MSRP. WHY NOT YOU?

  11. Johnny Padron says:

    Can I hire you to do negotiations for me? thanks! LOL

  12. Mike Sparks says:

    Nice video, good straight talk, see the new book, “Learn the Car Business
    for Fun & Profit”

  13. Yashxo says:

    Thanks for the video! 

  14. Mark says:

    Dude… this video kicks ass

  15. joseph smith says:

    Thats why i dont get things on credit if i can buy it straight out i dont
    buy it

  16. Larry Burch says:

    An honest video, not someone trying to get you to go to their website and
    buy an ebook.

  17. Leo Germany says:

    That was amazing and 1000% true .

  18. 2003MARSSKILLS says:

    I enjoyed this video. He kinda reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay. Great info!

  19. Kronx1970 says:

    I got a question. He said the deal has to tell you the invoice price — the
    price they paid for the car. If that’s the case then why cant you just base
    the price off of that? 

  20. Coach Bryan says:

    Back in my younger days I had a car sales man pull up my credit and say
    congratulations! Your credit score is 620 which is perfect credit and I
    found a loan with only, (only lol) 22%! I immediately got up and walked
    out. Went to another dealership and bought the same car with a share loan.
    All the salesman had to to say is sorry son, you need to work on your
    credit and come back 6 months.

  21. Derek Harris says:

    Thank you so much for ALL of the GREAT and VALUABLE information.

  22. Lorea Gandiaga says:

    So if you don’t have to do the credit application, how can you finance?
    Won’t they need to check your credit? So confused.

  23. Micky Joe says:

    What a guy! Good man Joey! I’d like to sit down and have a drink with this
    guy! No bullshit attitude goes a long way in my book. 

  24. complex3663 says:

    This video must have been made in the 80s. It is not like that anymore

  25. Monet Alhasan says:

    How do you know about those tricks ? I pet you have used them befor!

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