Best Of Superstars Sore Loser Moments (Oscars , Grammys)

When Martin Landau took home best supporting actor at the Oscars in 1995, Samuel L Jackson let his frustration show Bill Murray looked more than a touch unimpressed when Sean Penn beat him…
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24 Responses

  1. TheMJM10 says:

    Elton John a sore loser? Fuck off. He was 100% right. Good for him. Madonna
    is a joke of a live act. Lip syncing seriously?????

  2. redherring says:

    Elton John was 100% right.

  3. Franklin NJ says:

    Kanye West I have no doubt has “attention deficit disorder” or “bipolar”
    illness. He is like North Korea who demand respect, but act like buffoons.
    I don’t mean to be critical but with all the money he has he can get help,
    God has been good to him, give back to the community, visit some children’s
    cancer hospital, spend time with them make a difference in their lives and
    my respect for him would increase 100%.

  4. AceandScotch2 says:

    Don’t you guys think you’re asking a little much from artists* who just put
    their heart and soul and everything they had into their piece of work to
    also be happy when one of their competitors beats them out?

    (*This doesn’t apply to Kanye. Fuck that guy.)

  5. pettypettywoodchuck2 says:

    My Kanye downfall fantasy: I like to picture Kanye one day doing a movie
    theme song and he is nominated for an Oscar. I don’t know exactly how it
    all goes down, but it ends with Jack Nicholson fucking cold-cocking his ass
    off the stage. 

  6. john robert says:

    Elton was right.
    Faith Hill is, apparently, a cunt.
    Samuel just looked a bit disappointed..not in a sore loser way though.

  7. cards1985 says:

    Kanye is a joke. And so is his ugly wife.

  8. Richard Gent says:

    i really hated that kanye west shit , no talent what so ever , prick . 

  9. Zachary Smith says:

    1:58 I feel Samuel L. Jackson’s pain. That was one of the best supporting
    performances ever. No one talks about Martin Landau in Ed Wood. They talk
    about Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. I feel like the Academy was like
    “Martin is getting old let’s give him an Oscar.” But Samuel L. said the
    n-word too much, and said fuck too much so they didn’t give it to him
    because of Martin Landau being old and stuff. But to say Samuel L. Jackson
    did not deserve that award is complete bullshit.

  10. zigzagbigbag says:

    I forgot what a cocksucker Kanye West is/was.

  11. Pete Mason says:

    Wait wait wait… Why is Bill Murray in this list? Firstly he’s on record
    as viewing the Oscars as a big wank anyway even if he does admit he got
    caught up in “award fever” over Lost in Translation, and secondly, all he
    does is give a nod to Sean Penn. dafuq?

    Oh, and Kanye. Massive douche. What is WITH that guy?

  12. 15jayh says:

    Kanye: what a fucking asshole. 

  13. Brian Cruz says:

    Kanye’s daughter will take a handful of sleeping pills and drown herself in
    a bathtub because Kanye will embarrass her to that point. 

  14. Artur Bond says:

    Holy fuckin shit, look at the black guy at 0:11 Even he can`t believe how
    much of an idiot is Kanye West.

  15. Red Rebel says:

    Fuck you Elton John, Madonna stepped on your thumb cunt.

  16. primosuperfan1393 says:

    Samuel L. Jackson got robbed with that Oscar. 

  17. crazyblondesquirrel2 says:

    kanye west can go die

  18. Mark Reynolds says:

    I heard about Bill Murray having a terrible attitude in general,when it
    pertains to life and work, just completely hard to be around. But I didn’t
    know Elton was so brash. Wow. I agree with him. I’m not saying sugarcoat
    but be polite. As far as Bill, what the crud do you care? You’ve said for
    years you don’t care about acting awards. Why do you care now?

  19. Mike Hawk says:

    Christ almighty Kanye West is *such* a goddamn BABY…

  20. 0002pA says:

    Fucking based Elton John.

  21. holousek8221 says:

    Faith Hill´s reaction was a joke… :)

  22. TheChukso says:

    taylor swift suck my dick, ur music is ridicoulus, gtfo of music industry 

  23. Oswaldo Shego Mp says:

    Kanye West is a douchebag, i don’t even know why he’s still famous.

  24. Johnny Handegg says:

    Thankfully no one (outside redneck cesspool Murica) gives a flying fuck
    ’bout some shitty,irrelevant Oscars,Emmys or Grammys

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