Best Damn Top 50: Most Devastating Hits in Sports

This is the full version, WITH MLB clips. This video probably won’t last long, so get a good look at it while you can! Sorry for the crappy quality, I recorded this with my old VCR and transfered…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. John Douglas says:

    Shoulda thrown in some massive hip checks, with people actually
    cartwheeling through the air. Those, are some nasty hits.

  2. GunznSwords101 says:

    i cant stand watching these basketball pussies, learn how to take a fucking

  3. Trevor Plays says:

    “This video probably won’t last long…” Well, it’s been up for two years
    and four months. I think you’re safe.

  4. Sebastian Deveraux says:

    Now I don’t follow baseball, but how in the hell did they make a rule that
    says you’re not out if you smash in the guy who has clearly bested you in
    the face and make him drop the ball?

  5. Daniel Stannard says:

    No sports have harder hits than hockey

  6. HuskeHardcore says:

    Disappointing. Some good hits but, no way close to the top 50.

  7. jon jones says:

    they put that pussy soccer-flop into the top ten. Anyone can see that was
    much more flop than force. pathetic.

  8. aeroman5000 says:

    @33:25 Start of the fast track for your convenience!

  9. Rory Madden says:

    basketball shouldnt even be on here its a bunch of pussies shoving

  10. Brandon Yu says:

    No WAY Goodell allows a video like this in this day and age.

  11. Steven Alequin says:

    Gay as fuck. These motherfuckers use the same sound effects over and over
    and over and over again so that it gets so old, It is older then the crust
    on my grandfathers underwear, and he is dead! Has been since 1984! You guys
    need a new job! Don’t quit your day job because your editing skills suck!
    Shit I got better editing skills than you and I am an armature when it
    comes to editing!

  12. MildlyAnnoyedAHM says:

    The fact that the New Jersey Devils Scott Stevens makes the Top 50 not once
    – not twice – but THREE TIMES!! – tells you everything you need to know
    about this steamroller. There were more than a few sighs of relief around
    the NHL when he retired. The only other guy who appears more than once is
    the former Oakland Raider Jack Tatum, who appears twice.

  13. Shaun Wells says:

    Best Damn Top 50: Most Devastating Hits in Sports:

  14. jjsportsnewz15 says:

    where is ed reed and ray lewis?

  15. Zac Flemo says:

    where are the aussie football hits? like cmon we dont even use pads…

  16. Randomfilms23 says:

    Damn Dallas Can Hit Hard!

  17. Lawrence Wilshaw says:

    What about Lawrence Taylor’s hit on Joe Theismann

  18. Hotline Jones says:

    Tom Brady should wake up every morning and thanking Mo Lewis for starting
    his career after almost killing Drew Bledsoe.

  19. MrBigShot110 says:

    Baseball, basketball, I think I saw something about swimming too. Not
    contact sports so technically those hits shouldn’t have happened. Football
    and hockey are really all that go here but they didn’t find the clips that
    had known big hitters in them. Brian Dawkins, Sean Taylor, etc. And for
    those talking about rugby and Aussie stuff, this an American sports show
    featuring American sports, that stuff you’re asking for isn’t happening. 

  20. joe mort says:

    47 is a nasty cheap shot….

  21. Austin J says:

    33:33 is the recap. Save yourself a lot of time and just watch that.

  22. berrybright074 says:

    RIP Pat Tillman 16:32

  23. Xn2th3blue says:

    16:35 Pat Tillman, a true American hero.

  24. lucaslong76 says:

    waste of time

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