Best 20 X Factor Auditions of All Time HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. scottybroker says:

    HurRicaneStyle14, Please consider listing these acts, in order, so we can
    see the full acts on Youtube. Great selected acts, you have GREAT TASTE.

  2. Olivia Watson says:

    I had a good chuckle to myself when I saw that girls last name was Potter
    and then the camera went to Simon and he’s Wearing Harry Potter
    glasses….man I need to get out more….

  3. Joe May says:

    Im glad to see 9.6 million other people who have just as boring life as me
    to watch 44 minutes of auditions…

  4. solidtemper says:

    I’m the biggest asshole I know… but in the privacy of my own home I can
    enjoy, smile, and tear up from awesome moments. 

  5. Mark Shorrocks says:

    Pretty good selection mate..

  6. masterchicancergrade3 says:

    34:17 KFC went bankrupt

  7. Kathleen Haase says:

    Who was that couple around 4 minutes into the video singing Toxic by
    Britney Spears as a duet? They were amazing! What happened when Simon
    stopped the song? 

  8. Knight of YouTube says:

    Cher Lloyd looks more like a hooker than a singer I would rather rather run
    from her that have to stare at her sing. She looks like what would have
    happen if Steve Buscemi had a female version of himself and had a baby girl
    this is how she would look.

  9. 7mnee 3 says:

    I’m here simply because i have watched every worst addition video in
    youtube lol 

  10. Pat Ellis says:

    Great performances here love it.
    There are professional vocal lessons for anyone who wants to learn to sing
    better on Each lesson contains a 5-10 minute video and
    10 minute vocal exercise routine. One lesson per day (6 days per week) is
    required. Results may vary between different members due to personal
    motivation and other factors.

  11. Flyer786 says:


    your a rebel, i like you:]

  12. Matthew Munoz says:

    Who’s watching this in 2015 ??

  13. Cantona says:

    I really can’t understand WHY Luka’s version of Who’s Loving You is more
    popular than Shaheen Jafargholi’s.. Shaheen’s version is SO MUCH BETTER god

  14. Геннадий Панкратин says:

    Я получил от этого видео ОГРОМНЕЙШЕЕ удовольствие ! ! !

  15. saad alameri says:

    All talent is singing

    What about other talents??

  16. feicao12 says:

    the title of this video is ” best 20 xfactor auditions of all time”… i
    bet that u never saw all auditions of other countrys…why when i search
    for ” the bests of xfactor” just appear EUA and UK?… idk if u have notion
    that xfactor exist in many countrys not just in EUA and UK….i m sure that
    we can find better auditions from other countrys

  17. Soph Breshell says:

    Why did Kye Sons have RIP next to him? Did he die ? Cause I can’t find
    anything on that

  18. Javier Gutierrez says:

    some parents r so dramatic

  19. Datass911 says:

    At 7:06 that audition does anybody see that her arms look weird?

  20. CloudyFoxxGaming says:

    Shame what happened to Tulisa :(

  21. TeeH/Jan says:

    17:30 who is this guy? :)

  22. Jacob Swindle says:

    Where’s jai waetford

  23. SadBunny says:

    @23:24 from this moment on I forgot to breathe. What a performance.

  24. Bryan Brockman says:

    i hate how 90% of the dudes coming onto these shows, 1 are swagfags….and
    2 sing the same style of music….fucking low raspie slow songs because in
    reality they can’t sing. Bunch of pussys

  25. Tommy Le says:

    Is it just me seeing this or is the girl at 7:11 has a weird fake looking
    body? I’m just curious wether if it’s a disease or you know..

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