Bernstein: Watergate shows ‘how we need to know what happens in our government’

To mark the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, The Washington Post hosted a panel featuring legendary reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, who did the majority of reporting on…

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  1. rayof 315 says:

    I often wonder how many, if any in mainstream media feel ashamed at having
    abdicated their role of being the Fourth Estate? Do you guys have any idea
    of the harm you’ve caused – and are causing? When was the last time
    mainstream media did any investigative journalism into government

    The Washington Post has the audacity to still boast about Watergate when
    today organizations like Judicial Watch drop FOIA lawsuit documents into
    their laps and what do they do with them? Run a story or two (because it’d
    be embarrassing not to) and then let the whole thing drop.

    Are you really going to go ahead and let America and probably the world
    with it self-destruct? Are you just going to sit on the sidelines with all
    the rest of us poor saps and just watch it happen? *You* have the power to
    do something about it; that power was given you in our Constitution. We,
    the people, need you to exercise that power. Are you really not going to? 

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