BEETS- BEET JUICE- BENEFITS Original Video FACEBOOK Eating properly before…

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  1. Monica Dean says:

    My name is nonica i have lupus have had it for years, i feel that the
    juicer would benefit me,in taking care of myself, my health. Just having
    that support is a blessing 

  2. slyr1 says:

    What is Kefir? The Cultured Drink for a Healthy Colon 

  3. Marcia Van Dalsem says:

    I’m 61 years old recovering a alcoholic and I just found out I have AMD age
    related Macular degeneration. I was and am devastated I am told that is
    progressing rapidly. If juicing can possibly help slow down the progression
    of this disease I would be forever grateful. My neighbor is letting me use
    hers for now but I need one of my own. I’ve recently been let go at my job
    so my funds are limited. Along with not wanting to loose my site I want
    desperately to loose some weight and be healthy again.

  4. Frenchs Garland says:

    I really need that juicer I’m a mother of 12 children 8 girls and 5 boy’s
    twins and triplets at the age of 54 I’m doing things more healthier for
    myself I never could do before to take care of me for the rest of my life
    to play with my grandchildren and I’m learning about juicing and I’m ready
    to make that beet juice yum yum in my tummy thank you very much pick me
    have a great day 

  5. Teresita Lahiff says:


  6. Jill Jeglum says:

    Oxy Clean removes beet juice spots!

  7. NVK_TO_BG says:

    Nobody here asks for the list of non-organic veggies recommended to juice
    I would love to know that list
    Recently started to juice. I have a list of 16 veggies plus apple
    Please, be kind and provide us a list
    I have centrifugal juicer which is not great
    Plan to buy slow one, but not centrifugal

  8. Natasha Love says:

    Can I take vitamins while I’m juicing? Or does it have to Beets only and

  9. Dutch Sutton says:

    I love beets but have no way to enjoy the benefits, I believe they would
    increase the nitrous oxide in my cells that would give me the energy my job
    dictates. I am a flatbed operator with Western Express and still throw
    chains and tarps at my age of 68. I am a veteran of the 82nd Airborne
    Division from Fort Bragg. I love my work and want to work until I’m 80 or
    just tired of it. Thanks for the opportunity to own a great juicer. May God
    always be with you, my friend.

  10. Tommy Harris says:

    I have read the study on beetroot and cycling performance and the
    performance was only marginally better, not much faster as you put it.The
    study composers said that it was the blood sugar increase due to the juice
    that was responsible for the insignificant difference.

  11. cdubb3 says:

    Damn i wish i would have watched this before i bought my beets .

  12. slyr1 says:

    do you make anything with the Hawthorn berries? I heard its great for the

  13. Dimitrios M. says:

    good video overall until you start promoting this juicer….not good !!!!

  14. Lisa Perry says:

    Hi l love beets anyway you prepare them juiced sliced diced pickled they
    are delish!!!

  15. Shani Sahib says:

    Why do I need a juicer? Interesting question. How about I make a smoothie
    of beet with avocado, apple, spinach and celery? In short, I do not want
    the juicer as I believe in consuming the whole fruit / vegetable rather
    leaving the pulp behind which contains fibber. It is just my opinion though
    I still respect those people who only like to juice out the vege/fruits. It
    is just a matter of preference. 

  16. Cathy Anderson says:

    Love your Michael Jackson intro!! 

  17. lifeisworth says:

    hi Drew, could u plz help me giving me a recipie or an advise, so that i m
    able to digest this fantastic juice properly. I luv this drink, but my
    stomach doesnt digest it completely. Plzzzzz

  18. Jimmy Pendrith says:

    I don’t care what he says, the immediate positive effects I received from
    drinking beet juice definitely outweighs the chemicals I might be consuming
    from non-organic beets. First of all, when you juice for a while, your
    immune system gets a lot stronger and your body is able to flush out toxins
    much easier. Second, I think juicing non-organic vegetables (no matter
    what they are) still makes you much healthier than you were before and much
    healthier than most people. Saying don’t use non-organic beets is like
    telling someone not to drink tap water because of fluoride. Sure, it’s not
    great for you, but it’s better than Coke or even fruit juice. This guy
    doesn’t understand that people aren’t rich. When dealing with your health,
    in my opinion, it’s one step at a time.
    If you can use organic vegetables, great. If you can’t, so what.
    *insert comment below if you have gotten sick from beet juice. 

  19. Mike Rose says:

    Hey my name is Michael, I live in Houston tx. I was really moved by your
    video as I’m trying to work my way into a healthy body. I like that juicer
    but I’m sure on my budget its just not going to happen. I heard about the
    beets and now that I saw your video I believed like you said I would. I
    do like it. Thank you in advance sir. 

  20. slyr1 says:

    Are you ever going to try bitter melon

  21. BaltimoreFootStomper says:

    3:36 :”You’re beets must be organic !”

    a link to deadly levels of lead or other pollutants in the beets would help

    slick little selling point, EITHER ORGANIC OR NO …plus a fancy juicer at
    the end.

    I ate some non-organic this week, maybe the priest should be consulted to
    give the last rites soon

    nobody is saying non-organic is better yet who can truly afford to go all
    organic in this age ? ( forget about availability, and fraud, as with
    “organic” eggs )

    organic woo anyone ?

    glossy ads masquerading as health advice…..better title for the channel
    would be FIT TO BUY

  22. nepali hercules says:

    what chemicals did he add at the end?

  23. Debra Testa says:

    We would love one of your juicers. Our family is juicing beets everyday
    with a cheap blender. Four of us have health issues that can be helped by
    juicing so it would help a lot to be able to win one. Thanks so much.

  24. cateye101 says:

    i know im probably late commenting, but i need this juicer because my mom
    has cancer and we are using holistic approach, the dr cant do anything else
    for her…i will live to present this juicer to her

  25. helen waterhouse says:

    i need a good juicer to help me fight my cancer and get well again and the
    jucier would be a great help in that area and to maintain my health once i
    have gained it back! it is a lifestyle change and a hard one to do if you
    do not have a good juicer and or good information as well. thanks.

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