Bear ETF Trades How to Use Bear Funds in Down Markets Bear ETF Trades How to Use Bear Funds in Down Markets Stock Trading Education. Learn how to trade against the Bull intraday using Bear ETF and Ultra Short…
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6 Responses

  1. MrBernardLMadoff says:

    Hi Mario! Thanks for your always great analysis and calls. Love to follow
    your daily videos at youtube and by the way …thanks for your kind words
    on my channel. Streeser, our friend Jta3 and I have now for a long time
    been taking about becoming more involved in your trading school. How do we
    start…what do we do and is it possible? BM …. Just a nickname 😉

  2. MrBernardLMadoff says:

    @TheStreeser1 You are soooo right!!!

  3. StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

    @TheStreeser1 thanks for the kind words, have a great weekend and all the
    new people were just scratching there heads when they took the stops and
    ran it right off the open. Then they were watching the short squeeze on
    SINA to a huge drop and were completely amazed.

  4. TheStreeser1 says:

    @StockMarketFunding Irrational exuberance is such a nice thing.. Regards
    from Jan.

  5. StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

    @MrBernardLMadoff thanks for checking it out, if you guys would like to get
    started there is a free trial link in the description you can click on. You
    just need a Skype-compatible headset and we’ll get you everything you need
    to get into the live trading room. We’re doing a weekend training right
    now, we’ll probably go over the damage done to those indices 🙂

  6. TheStreeser1 says:

    Its been a long week even if it was short gentlemen,I trust you will take
    time to enjoy life! Thanks a million Mario ! for your way of
    teaching,,,,for your style.. I will use this weekend to think about,
    begging to become a MMT. Just know Mario ,we are a few out here, who loves
    you with a capital L.. Enjoy life.

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