Basic Electronics Circuits: Astable Multivibrator One of the most simple and satisfying basic electronic projects that you can build at home is the…
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3 Responses

  1. unlokia says:

    This is great, and all very nice… but you’ve omitted the theory of
    operation of the circuit – it’s not in the video *or* on your site. It’s
    great to build a circuit, but once you have built it you are going to want
    to know WHY the LEDs flash when they do, and why each component is there,
    so without this information I feel this whole thing is rather incomplete,
    and the pupil is just plugging wires into the right places and not learning
    very much about electronics…

    Thank you anyway :)

  2. John Golder says:

    This will be a great help to young people


  3. John Golder says:

    Thank you, this explanation of a much used circuit is first class any one
    could follow it.

    J T G

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