Barre Workout Video – FREE 40 Minute Barre Workout Video At Home Full Barre Workout Video to do at home. FREE 39 Minute Barre workout full program from upper body toning to lower body tightening to flattening those abs. It’s all…

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24 Responses

  1. Joanna Gonsior says:

    I really like this workout. It would be one of my favourites hadn’t been
    for the pace. I think I could be 10-15% slower or at least it could allow
    for some more time during transitions.

  2. Kristin Offiler says:

    I think this is great, but a little more context between transitions would
    be really helpful. It’s hard to follow along and do the right number of
    reps and have proper posture when there’s no heads up about the next move. 

  3. Elena Zilioli says:


  4. Ayu zuelke says:

    VERY good Barre workout !! i really enjoyed it , thank you for sharing this
    workout. xoxo 

  5. iepurasul19 says:

    what a great class!!!! love it!!!

  6. Patty Bi says:

    one of the most efficient inner thigh excercise

  7. elizarmet says:

    I’m in good shape and do barre at the gym at least 2x/wk among other
    exercises….this rep count is crazy/borderline impossible to keep up with
    while remaining good posture/form which is the whole pint of barre. Also
    wildly boring without music. Counting out 100 reps??? Keep my mind occupied
    otherwise please.

  8. emily yarbrough says:

    amazing workout. i am 10 min into and am winded. i will definitely keep
    doing this work out. 

  9. Janine Evelock says:

    Awesome video!!!! Loved it

  10. Joy Woffindin says:

    Eek I’d be careful about dropping the butt below the knees in the 2nd
    position plié especially at that pace. Particularly if you have any older
    participants in class they could really injure their knees. 

  11. Yelena Lando says:

    I love it,very good for morning exercise ,good coordinated for all big
    group of muscles, give me sweat and feeling of well done job,please
    continue to create a more,I am looking forward for new one with next level
    of difficulty,thank you.

  12. Pauline Geraci says:

    Love your barre workouts! Keep them coming.

  13. Stitch Sew Quilt says:

    Such a good workout! Just what I needed!

  14. MegaMusical10 says:


  15. birdman1741 says:

    Barre workou

  16. Eva Monday says:

    Love it! !!

  17. Erica Garcia says:

    This was amazing I’m still sore 2 days after. Going to do it again tomorrow

  18. Anna Clothier says:

    Wow! My thighs are killing me two days later! A solid workout :)

  19. Clinkdrew says:

    You are a machine! I don’t keep up, but I enjoy trying!

  20. Katie Paulsen says:

    This was awesome!! I have been doing Pure Barre for over a year and a
    half-this workout kicked my butt! Thanks for posting!!!

  21. Angelasolisp says:

    this was intense! and so good! it reminded me of an actual barre class in

  22. margaret powell says:

    best barre workout I have found for days I can’t make it to the gym or

  23. Lindsay Templeton says:

    wow this was crazy!

  24. Dawn Henson says:

    absolutely love your barre workouts, please continue to add more!!!!

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