Ballade of Suicide by G K Chesterton (read by Tom O’Bedlam)

Chesterton was vehemently opposed to suicide, he considered it an insult to all creation. An Envoi added at the end of a poem is an ancient device, originally a few lines addressed to the…

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8 Responses

  1. VenusDeArt says:

    “I think I will not hang myself to-day” – Love it 🙂 So very beautiful.
    And your spoken verse had such vocal energy! Bravo! Thank You.

  2. Artamia Arta says:

    ….Thank-YOU, Tom… great reading, as always…. Alan Watts was
    surprised:-) by G.K. Chesterton vision …. Alan Watts – Lecture on G.K.
    …. G.K. Chesterton had a sense of wonder…. to be surprised of
    He said: Even God needs a surprise…

  3. loszhor says:

    Surprisingly uplifting from what I expected.

  4. Paul Cornelius says:

    Were the miniatures at the gallows from Warhammer Fantasy Battles?

  5. crystalrobot01 says:


  6. Fab Fablik says:

    That was cool

  7. superguinea says:

    life changing

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