Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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25 Responses

  1. Jonathan Harvey says:

    18:37 Hello, stock recording of the dogs from Akira.

  2. Jovan Mitrić says:

    I’m not a furry fan but with girl like Bagi, I’d definitely fall into

  3. William Badgreen says:

    Who wished there was a English dub for this? I do…

  4. Jonathan Harvey says:

    Great movie.

  5. Kris Schroeder says:

    Think you could fix the subs at Ryo’s and Bagi’s past?

  6. Moonlight Pen says:

    What an awesome movie, but lots of things could have gone better. Damn
    I feel SO sad for Bagi. D:>

  7. 鋁玫醬 says:

    Ryou’s voice actor is kazuhiko inoue. Kakashi sensei!!

  8. Bibicat B says:

    Such classic Tezuka sensei, rught down to the colors and sense of humor. So

  9. honey bär says:

    Such a good movie! But it made me cry at the end. ;(
    also, does anybody know where i can download the song at 14:58 ?

  10. HarryIsTheGamingGeek says:

    So this is where all the furry porn comes from. I feel like I’m watching
    the history of an entire generation’s inspiration.

  11. MrNeronakos says:

    Those that don’t understand the mother’s attitude and they are ”oh poor
    Bagi”, think that if such a project existed in reality, a half lion, half
    human creature everyone would have wanted to kill it anyway. But of course,
    this is animation.

    Secondly, the cat girl genre in Japan started with Chibi Neko from the star
    of cottonland. The manga dated back in 1978.

  12. DieHardjagged says:

    Holy shit, this Anime hit me hard like no Anime before.. 

  13. Brandon Kieng says:

    For once an anime that has a cat girl not being a slut.

  14. manuel DLZ says:

    por votar!! bagi the monster of mighty nature
    Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature (Official & HQ with subtitles)

  15. Brandon Kieng says:

    There were actual excitements were they just have a head of a dog live
    without a body for years 

  16. Brandon Johnson says:

    or at leas movies like this one

  17. Mario Penta says:

    Bagi is the only character I cared about in this whole movie, FUCK RYO the
    guy’s a heartless jerk! Other than that a few things in this movie pissed
    me off, idk I just felt really bad for Bagi the whole time, nothing was
    ever her fault and everyone tried to kill her, even her only friend at the
    end, and I know its because he thought she killed his mother, who can blame
    her?! His mother tried to kill Bagi! Even so, Ryo didn’t even give Bagi a
    chance to explain! Poor Bagi… :'(

  18. Brandon Kieng says:

    Poisoned food is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You don’t need
    genetics to make that, just use any other poison on the food. You idiot!
    You make me go through this feels just for poisoned rice.

  19. Brandon Kieng says:

    When Bagi wrote her name, it actually said Baki. That could be that she
    wasn’t done yet.

  20. SkullyX99 says:

    Talk about furry endings… This one was sad. Too bad in this generation,
    we don’t see drama, and romance like this. It’s almost otherworldly. But
    then again, it makes me wonder. “To relish what you hold dear, regardless
    of form, is simple living.” If animals could speak, and possess higher
    intelligence, I’m sure we’d feel the same way too. There’s a reason for the
    term furry, and this movie is exactly what it means to be one. You can take
    this comment as offensive if you want to. I’m not bringing this to piss
    people off though. I’m just saying what’s on my mind. Osamu Tezuka, may you
    rest in peace.

  21. Bara H says:

    His mother is such a beeeetch

  22. TheDonsketch says:

    I liked the movie a lot.Honestly though,the ending might’ve been a bit sad
    but I liked it too.Feels like real story telling instead of just a money
    making movie.

  23. JadenXDemonMan says:

    I really wish this movie’s sequel was made or at least remade into english
    with improved animation and all that.

  24. TurboThunderbolt says:

    what the heck did I just watch?

  25. Brandon Johnson says:

    they should of made a lot more furry movies for furry people every were.

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