Back To School Kaelyn Style!

Back To School Kaelyn Style!

Since this weeks theme is Back To School. Kaelyn goes shopping for her homeschool supplies and does a school supply haul to show you what supplies she uses to do her work. She also gives you…
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25 Responses

  1. SevenSuperGirls says:
  2. Julka Pulka says:

    Hey, I’m from Germany and we don’t have homeschool.So my question is, after
    they finished homeschool, how they get on Colleg<-If you write it like that?

  3. Commenter84 says:

    i thought your dog was sadie… not abby/abbie.
    :O Did sadie pass away?!? D’:

  4. Anickapink PRÁŠILOVÁ says:

    “on the glob we can see the whole map of the world, which is pretty cool”

    duh, what is so cool about it?

  5. SuperCats7 says:

    I can’t believe her mom lets her get a stapler and tape when she probably
    already has that at home. Also she is home schooled does she really need 5
    binders? I’m not hating because I love kealyn I just think it’s

  6. Esther Tan says:

    She has so many scissors wow

  7. bronygirl2155 says:

    If you’re homeschooled how do you make friends? And does that mean you
    don’t have class parties or field trips? 

  8. sherraya harding says:

    What year is Kaelyn in

  9. Catherine Kasouridou says:

    Find the difference:

    Level 1:


    Level 2:


    Level 3:


    Level 4:


    T.M.H.L.: [ The Most Hard Level]


    If you can solve the last one, I will sent you this thing: ☆☆☆bravo to u!!.

  10. Makena Schendel says:

    Kaelyn dont’ listen to some of those comments some of them are mean yet
    some are okay I love your videos and I cant wait for middle school next
    year :)

  11. Jailee says:

    She picked up the compus and called it a protractor and said that the globe
    helped her in history instead of geography……… her school is grate

  12. Saher Mir says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where she got the templates for the binders!

  13. Anjali Aulak says:

    Your luck you don’t have to do school 247 you can take time to have fun!!!!

  14. Yesenia Santos says:

    Cool show

  15. Jorge Valles says:

    question:do you control ssg ,did you start this youtube channel(nice video)

  16. It's charli! says:

    You went through every single little book I nearly feel asleep but I liked
    the shopping part!! X but do you actually need that stuff? I know you said
    you do but I bet most of that stuff you won’t use anyway HUGE FAN LOVE YOU
    SO MUCH xox 

  17. VideosByM says:

    Why would a globe be useful for History?? It’s geography

  18. Madison Steele says:

    Not hating or trying to get into her business, but why is she homeschooled?
    Someone please answer!! :)


    she is not showing off she is just doing this for your entertainment and
    you should not judge her she is perfect just the way she is

  20. ItsCailyn Doe says:

    maybe she’s homeschooled cuz she has a ton of fans and she doesn’t wanna
    get followed by her fans if she went to school

  21. tommy megu says:

    Why do you want a ton of sciccors

  22. jada dance says:

    what grade are you in

  23. Sanjeewa Daluwatta says:

    you know lucy i think kaelyn is lucy because they look the same 

  24. AgDOLLGIRL03 says:

    I just had a question,is the cabniet next to yours your brothers?I just was

  25. its the only jessica Munslow says:

    Spot the difference

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