Baby Ear, Nose & Throat Health : How to Treat Sinus Congestion & Cough in Children

Sinus congestion and coughing in children should only be treated at home if it is a symptom of the common cold. Find out when medical help should be sought to treat a child’s coughing with…

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  1. pri22v11 says:

    hes actually pretty cute. That southern accent and handsome face with that
    beautiful voice mmhmmm Doctor come on over! 🙂

  2. CodeFantastic says:

    I think I have nasual rebound, are there any ways to open my nasual
    passages without using nasual spray?

  3. pri22v11 says:

    bowtie! So cute!

  4. Curryfishrs says:

    Thank you!

  5. Anwar Lucas says:

    sounds like charlie! lol

  6. Sammie Marin says:

    Sooo helpful thx!!!!

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