Australians Taste Test American Sweets

Australians Taste Test American Sweets

I hope that’s it otherwise I’m getting diabetes from all the sh*t I’ve just eaten from your country.” Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook:…

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  1. hp1411mc says:


  2. starwarsguy4427 says:

    “Americans put cinnamon in everything!” Uh… no we don’t lol

  3. javier tay says:

    no homo but the guy in the denim jacket is hot

  4. Rhiannon Novak-Winchester says:

    I’m dying Oh my Chuck XD Australians and their reactions this is so funny.
    Especially the blonde guy and the Butterfingers. *”Yeah, this would be good
    on ice cream. Like a McFlurry with butterfingers in it. F**k yeah.”* *”We
    have that.”* *”What!?”*

  5. Elijah Jayden says:

    Comparing this video and the video of americans eating austrailian foods, I
    feel sorry for Australians. Like, do you not have any sugar there. At all?

  6. m kryspin says:

    I want to visit Australia so bad after seeing this they all seem so nice
    and funny 

  7. Elijah Wittman says:

    why do the Australians appreciate American food but on the other videos
    irish people and british people just hate american.

  8. roflcopterkklol says:

    For the people saying American food is the same as food in every other
    country, No.
    In Australia food is much healthier than in America because of health
    regulations that govern food production over here.
    Did you know Froot loops are healthy in Australia?
    Here are the ingredients in our Froot loops.
    Cereals (58%) (cornmeal, wheat flour, oatmeal), sugar, vegetable oil, salt,
    colours (paprika, carmine, turmeric, vegetable carbon, copper chlorophyll),
    dextrose, natural flavours (orange, lemon, raspberry, cherry, lime).
    And also this big list of Vitamins,
    Vitamin A,
    Vitamin C,
    Vitamin D,
    Vitamin b6,
    Vitamin b12,
    Folic acid,

    Here are the American ingredients for Froot loops.
    Sugar, corn flour blend (whole grain yellow corn flour, degerminated yellow
    corn flour), wheat flour, whole grain oat flour, oat fiber, soluble corn
    fiber, contains 2% or less of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
    (coconut, soybean and/or cottonseed), salt, red 40, natural flavor, blue 2,
    turmeric color, yellow 6, annatto color, blue 1, BHT for freshness

  9. TheKrazieness says:

    “ a McFlurry with Butterfingers in it..”
    “We have that”
    “WHAT!? o_o”

    Australians, you guys are awesome. I wish our snacks didnt have as much

  10. BuzzFeedVideo says:
  11. Karatto says:

    Man, I’m Canadian, and I really wish I was Australian. They’re so fucking
    badass. Plus, I love their accents. :D

  12. Anjali Gopinathan says:


  13. luis avitia says:

    Australians seem chill as fudge lol I couldn’t stop laughing when he said
    “like everything in Australia it got band” does rhat really happen 

  14. Para Soul says:

    +Sam K. 

  15. kimchiramyun_ says:

    What…I’ve seen cinnamon rolls around?? They’re pretty common? And I live
    under a rock half the time so….

  16. Sabrina Suozzi says:

    That dude’s reaction when he heard that we have butterfingers in
    McFlurries. Priceless.
    Honestly I hate Butterfingers but I still thought it was really funny with
    the reactions.

  17. Postghost says:

    cinnamon rolls: ” *in Australia, we don’t have this* ”
    Yes we do you you blind motherfucker, been eating them since i was a kid,
    you even get them at Wollies, fucksake. Four bucks, pack ‘o two, on
    special, dollar each.

  18. The Dark Weapon says:

    Its funny how they couldn’t find anything unique to America that wasn’t

  19. Lenny. says:

    Americans don’t eat these everyday btw. These are just like road trip
    snacks or special treats. 

  20. Luke Ast says:

    Realised very soon into being in australia their tongues are stuck in
    america’s arse haha

  21. Paul Mataele says:

    the guy in the denim jacket is lucky he doesn’t live here in america haha
    he seemed to have loved all of the food hahahaha

  22. SunsetSideVet says:

    strayans need to try Churros ya dumb cunts

  23. A\ex says:

    No cinnamon rolls in Australia?

    Im praying for you guys tonight..

  24. Thang Vuong says:

    Kind of ironic that the chubby girl was complaining about American sweets.
    I would hazard to say she’s not a stranger to sweets.

  25. Grace Raszewski says:


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