Aubrey de Grey: What is human nature?

Aubrey de Grey says that our survival instinct may play into human nature but doesn’t necessarily define it.
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25 Responses

  1. Allen'Rudy' Lea says:

    My grammar tends to be quite awful as well, no big deal… until it becomes
    a big deal of course. And it’s possible, the standards will move more
    slowly than affluence. In the U.S.A. right now due to the increase in debt
    financing we’ve bypassed the mechanisms that keep our standards “down to
    earth” so our standards are collectively higher than our affluence can meet
    through normal mechanisms.

  2. Tethloach1 says:

    @jamesbush1994 private business can invest a lot in him and the field
    billions and make billions we just have to sell this a business idea that
    can work.

  3. James Bush says:

    These new videos featuring Aubrey are excellent. This field needs more
    publicity. Furthermore, the ideas need to be popularised and made more
    accessible to a wider non-scientific community in order to up public
    awareness and generate more much needed funding for these developments to
    reach us soon.

  4. knivesandpeppers says:

    I wonder how much of his glorious accent comes as a result of that beard?

  5. Kenny T says:

    too bad we can’t just make a digital copy of our DNA while we are young,
    then use it to manufacture healthy cell to replace that of our body when we
    are old.

  6. wow so shiba says:

    he’s a wizard i’m pretty sure

  7. CaptPoco says:

    All scientists should look like Rasputin.

  8. Chris Savas says:

    for sure he use some drugs some times.. cool scientist

  9. George Diggory says:

    Indias birth rate is 2.8 well well above replacement.

  10. joemantex says:

    All scientists should have beards!

  11. lololololololololol47 says:

    @awhitesoul2012 there is no such things as race at least in humans.

  12. CMZneu says:

    why is the volume so fuking high in the damm intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. donnyboy calvon says:

    he is one of the smartest humans to ever live on this planet.

  14. ThinkingSpeck says:

    That depends on context – what India’s birth rate used to be, and how fast
    it’s dropping.

  15. Allen'Rudy' Lea says:

    Sort of, think about it in developed nations we have more resources than in
    countries like India. We have the finances to give more security to our
    families than those in India do. But, we also have higher standards. It’s
    that higher standard that you’re referencing I think.

  16. jmw150 says:

    Sorry I did not reread that. My grammar is terrible. haha

  17. raizumichin says:

    I think it’s to illustrate that we all choose to have fewer children rather
    than being forced to do it.

  18. Abdifatah Jama says:

    OMG its dumbledore

  19. DrRoryE says:

    0:24 Contraceptives have been used for thousands of years all over the world

  20. guineapig55555 says:

    did he really just say people use birth control to control population? -_-

  21. codyw1 says:

    We need more people like Aubrey and less politicians.

  22. 1001orpheus says:

    @bf2spurgu It’s all about the beard.

  23. DJSbros says:

    He should grow a beard

  24. 1001orpheus says:

    @CaptPoco But of course, not, act, like Rasputin. Rascals.

  25. jmw150 says:

    I like this guy but he is dead wrong on this. Developed nations stopped
    having kids early because in order to care for them and yourself you need
    finical security. Not cool man… He is right on contraception though.

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