Attachment: How to Nurture Toddler Self-Esteem

Go here for more: Nancy Cohen, Director of Research at Hincks-Dellcrest Centre and attachment expert, outlines specific…
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  1. yidenek shewaye zewde says:

    hi my name yidenek. i am an Ethiopian and I work in Ratson. I am the family
    of LTP Project. all i want to say is that I thank Lord to give as like you
    to teach about Learning Through play. all i understand is that the training
    help me to easily communicate with children’s and easily to understand the
    need of a children. Thank you…God Bless Your Every thing…if you
    interested just send me some Materials that helps me to get abroad
    Knowledge about children.

  2. yidenek shewaye zewde says:

    my email is p.o. box 1384 Debre-zeit Ethiopia

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