At Home Total Body Barre Workout – Barre Workout Video – Low Impact Workout

Fitness Blender’s Barre Workout at Home – Full routine info @ Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 weeks with our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs – find out how @ Follow…

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25 Responses

  1. Yin Boey says:

    Never done this “Barre” thing before so tried it :)

  2. Yvette Maiangowi says:

    nice, quick little total body workout

  3. Nobody youknow says:

    Really glad I tried this video today!

  4. dgeo betge says:

    this training is really terrible. we work throughout the body. I recommend
    it to all.

  5. mrsseay says:

    I can’t wait to do this workout tonight!

  6. Yvonne Sanders says:

    I would suspect something like donkey kicks but raised to the outside –
    like a dog cocking it’s leg 🙂 not sure what you’d call it would hit that
    ‘saddlebag’ area.

  7. ChispasK says:

    Hello from Venezuela! I love your routines. Could you please tell me which
    are the best exercises to work harmstrings? Keep up the good work!

  8. Gardenia Thongsilp says:

    I’m obsessed with all your workouts…the pace is always great and its
    always just challenging enough to where I break a sweat but I’m not dead
    the next day so I can keep going, great job amazing videos

  9. FitnessBlender says:

    You can do them in whichever order you prefer. Whether or not you see than
    same results depends on how hard you were working in the past – the
    workouts in the program are pretty tough so it’s not highly unlikely that
    you will see results like never before if you follow it closely. Have fun
    with the program!

  10. Kimmie says:

    I love FitnessBlender!

  11. Kelly Crookston says:

    I’ve been doing some of your videos for a while and just purchased your 8
    weeks program and I’m excited about it. I just have 2 questions. 1. Does it
    matter if we do the strength training workout before the cardio workout and
    vice versa? 2. I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week for the last year so
    will I still get the same results?

  12. axoxoy says:

    I like this series! I want you to upload more.

  13. giorgioclash says:

    Hello, guys! I enjoy every workout rutine, you have really helped me!
    Please, tell us how much water we should drink before, during and after
    workout! Sometimes I need a glass of water every ten minutes when I’m doing
    medium or high impact workout, and I don’t know if this “excess” of water
    could be detrimental. Thanks a lot from Chile!

  14. Nicole Tudor says:

    Hello from italy,i’m a beginner ,what kind of exercise do you recommend

  15. Ioana Bere says:

    Could you please make a video with exercises for sculpting the waist?
    Please thumbs up so they can see it. Thanks!

  16. Autumn Shiranui says:

    JUST what I needed. I’ve been sick and I am just getting back into the
    groove of things so I needed something like this 🙂

  17. Mire Mari says:

    What exercises are good at targeting cellulite behind my thigs, below the
    buttocks and right next to my thighs below my hips?? Please answer, I want
    to get rid of it!

  18. FitnessBlender says:

    Hello in Venezuela! We have a hamstring burnout workout coming out soon,
    but most of our lower body routines also target that muscle.

  19. brwnidgrl354 says:

    LOVE this one!! Thanks again for another fabulous workout that I will be
    feeling tomorrow 🙂

  20. Zrinka Po says:

    I was just wondering which workout to do, when this came up. Thank you 🙂
    Could you maybe make a workout to strenghten the ankles? Greetengs from
    Croatia 🙂

  21. Connie Leung says:

    Thanks so much for another barre workout. I’ll try this workout this
    weekend. =)

  22. FitnessBlender says:

    Rude much? If you don’t have something constructive to say, keep it to

  23. smiles4angels says:

    Info on how many calories can be burned (for their videos) can be found in
    their main site. For this routine, according to their site, it burns 65-105

  24. Henrieke Plagge says:

    Okay next try, I only wnated to say,that you could speak a little more
    motivating,but the video is good

  25. FitnessBlender says:

    All of our workouts can help to “sculpt” the waist to some extent, because
    all of our workouts are geared towards maintaining a healthy bodyweight,
    which is a large part of having a shapely, lean waist. With that said, we
    do have some workout videos for that purpose already, and I am sure we can
    make more in the near future, too 🙂

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