Art Jewelry – Basic Sawing Techniques

Art Jewelry magazine associate editor Addie Kidd demonstrates basic sawing techniques. Visit for more information and videos.
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25 Responses

  1. christine ortbals says:

    great video! I broke a dozen blades yesterday trying to cut a circle!
    Hopefully this will help today.

  2. jim bettridge says:

    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with you voice or your tutorial, some people just don’t
    get the simple instruction you were trying to provide in sawing, I thought
    it was good really.

  3. Julie Rotimi says:

    I learned from an internship from my peer that spitting on the saw blades
    work perfectly and its free…no more messy wax bits

  4. ckretz says:

    This is the best teacher for silversmithing on youtube. I hope she makes
    many more videos.

  5. Eve Alex says:

    Thanks for this video. I had my very first lesson today and needed to
    review what I had just practised in class. I’ve subscribed to your channel
    so I can practice at home.

  6. GUILLERMO F Chiriboga says:

    Hello, please let me know if you teach classes, I will be traveling to the
    US in a short while, would love to visit. best,

  7. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    You know what’s funny? Being taped doing something, and then watching that
    video are two very different things for me. It’s hard because when I go
    back to watch the videos, even I have plenty of little criticisms of how I
    did things. Ah well, chalk it up to experience for next time I guess. Glad
    you found some of it helpful! 🙂

  8. starfisher66 says:

    thanks so much for this video. i am taking a basic jewelry design course
    and i must say this was more helpful to me on learning how to saw than what
    my instructor taught. it also helps that you can watch it a few times.
    great videos!

  9. 1axvn says:

    Please watch the video at :5::34 it is obvious that the saw blade is to big
    for the thickness of the silver, you must size the blade to the thickness
    of the metal plate. AND It also looks like the saw lube is not attaching
    itself to the blade I use sewing wax and it attaches much better, but I
    have never used saw lube and after viewing this video I don’t think I ever
    will. There are a lot more things Id like to say, But I dont have time

  10. zonianinexile says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    @Microglia1 We have a great article on this in our July 2011 issue. Check
    out our Business Savvy column, “What You Need to Know About Trademarks and
    Quality Marks,” p. 24. For even more information, Business Savvy columnist
    Marlene Richey recommends in the article that you look at “The Essential
    Guide to the U.S. Trade in Gold and Silver Jewelry” on the Jewelers
    Vigilance Committee website.

  12. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    Beeswax can sometimes tend to clog the saw blade, but here’s a trick! You
    can apply the beeswax to the back edge of the blade, rather than the teeth.
    This will reduce friction between the blade and the metal, and the teeth
    won’t get clogged. I like BurLife as well, but any wax, including candle
    wax, will work fine. It all depends on what youprefer! Thanks for the tip.

  13. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    Thanks ckretz. You can find more videos from myself and my fellow Associate
    Editor Jill Erickson by visiting our magazine’s Web site. (The address is
    at the top-left of our channel page.) Let us know if you have any requests.
    We’re always adding to our topic wish list!

  14. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    Wow, that’s great to hear! Err…it’s great that our video was helpful to
    you, not that your instructor wasn’t very clear. And boy, that rewind
    button is great when you’re learning a new technique, isn’t it? 🙂

  15. MerryRun says:

    Thank you. I will drop on by 🙂

  16. James Miller FIPG says:

    I was taught to use a saw frame held at right angles to the eyeline and
    pierce across the vee of the bench pin, this enables the piercer to see
    wher the blade is going rather than where it has been.

  17. missanna208802 says:

    FYI- I tried using beeswax for a long time, and it is sticky and grips onto
    the tiny filings and clogs up the grooves in the blades really bad. I
    really dig the kind you are using there (BurLife). I don’t know if you are
    not suposeed to mention the name, but I am sure that Rio Grande wouldn’t
    mind me giving them a bit of free advertising. Bur life doesn’t clog the
    grooves in the blades etc.

  18. Felicity R says:

    @snapwing Hi Snapwing, I’m so keen to see a video on sawing techniques from
    you, it sounds like it would be amazing!

  19. 1axvn says:

    She dose not fully understand what the saw lub/bees wax really dose, it
    dose reduces chatter, but really it’s there to spread the heat to all parts
    of the blade and extend the life of the blade by about 100%.

  20. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    Glad to hear that you’re getting useful information out of our videos. And
    you’re very lucky to have a lapidary club nearby – communities like that
    can be a great wealth of knowledge. If you’d like to expand your
    jewelry-making community even more you should visit the forums on our
    Magazine’s Web site. They’re a friendly, helpful group!

  21. livy10889 says:

    I’m new and I have a 22g nickel silver and 16g sterling to cut. What size
    blades should I use?

  22. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    @livy10889 Our free Metal Piercing Chart will help you with that! To
    download the chart, visit our website and click on the Resources tab. Then
    click on Reference. When that page comes up, scroll down to find the chart.
    Have fun!

  23. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    I haven’t tried sewing wax – I may have to check it out. Thanks for the
    suggestion. The synthetic lube does adhere to the blade well, the extra
    bits just flakes off pretty quickly.

  24. MerryRun says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful,quality instruction. I am a beginner
    (I have had a few lessons with the local lapidary club I joined a month
    ago) and have found your teaching and tips very, very clear, concise and in
    easy to understand steps.

  25. Art Jewelry Magazine says:

    That’s true, 1axvn, it does help spread the heat. Good point to note.

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