‘Are You Cruel?’ Senator Angus King Loses It on Fox News over Obamacare Video

HEATED: ‘I don’t know where you’re coming from .. Are you that cruel?’ King wondered. “My goodness!” Kilmeade gasped ‘Don’t Lecture Me!’: Senator and Fox & Friends Hosts Battle…
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25 Responses

  1. YouHotNews says:

    ‘Are You Cruel?’ Senator Angus King Loses It on Fox News #angusking

  2. romcomfan says:

    Fox has never ever been a real news channel. It has always been a
    republican political operation disguised as a news channel. From its launch
    in 1996 its sole purpose has been to confuse, mislead and deceive common
    folks in order to get them to vote against their own best interests and
    support republicans, big oil, the gun industry, deregulation of
    corporations and causes of the rich. Anyone who thinks Fox is a real news
    channel is a sucker.

  3. franksalterego says:

    Hey !!!… Don’t argue with the senator… HE knows what’s best for you…
    And, everyone else is just too stupid to see it.

    That, right there, is another full-frontal view of the arrogance – the
    hubris of the party of Democrats.

    These do-gooder bastards all belong in jail.


  4. ArtieLangeXM says:

    This is typical, unlettered, lizard brain behavior lol. “He called
    americans stupid and called it a mandate vs a tax!!!” ..Yup, sure did. Now
    let’s talk about the policy, as opposed to biased, political attacks
    brought to you by Fox Noise.

    Calling it a mandate vs a tax – way to parse irrelevant terminology.
    Interestingly enough, the right-wing does this every day. All one has to do
    in order to evoke emotion from the overly-emotional, unlettered, southern,
    older, whiter right-wing, is to mention the words “Harry Reid, Nancy
    Pelosi, Barack Obama, Obamacare, progressive, or Hillary Clinton.” It’s
    LITERALLY like talking to dogs. It’s a DOG WHISTLE FOR DOGS. It’s like
    talking to stupid animals lol… Fox viewers, look at yourself in the
    mirror. *Look upon thy self and weep*.

    Associate certain words with certain things, and suddenly no critical
    thinking is required, and you simply react like a DUMB DOG to something you
    really don’t understand, and have no ability or drive to understand. It’s
    quite pathetic, really.

    Fun stuff!

  5. neotripper says:

    I don’t understand why these asshole progressive democrats keep spouting
    off there idiocracies without understanding that even conservatives want
    affordable healthcare for everyone however it has to be done RIGHT and
    without screwing small businesses and the working middle class. Left or
    right you should see that Obamacare needs to be fixed and fixed right for
    EVERYONE. I love there argument that now “a few million now have
    healthcare” but it’s at the expense and demise of millions and millions of
    others. Tell me how that’s fare because if you believe it doesn’t need
    fixing then your delusional and ignorant.

  6. Klaa2 says:

    I don’t think that anybody who was following this was surprised by the
    comments; the primary issue of how to pay for the AHA has always been that
    you need everybody paying into the system for it to work properly, and if
    you can not do that because people tend towards being short-sighted and a
    bit selfish if not just plain ignorant, you’d have to raise taxes to make
    up the difference to fund it.

    The only outrage here is from people who don’t want as many people as
    possible to have access to health care; which just goes to show how
    short-sighted and just plain ignorant the public tends to be.

    We’ve all been paying more for health care in this country for decades
    because of the lack of people being able to get treatment early, before
    conditions become significantly more chronic and expensive to treat. We’ve
    all been paying more for decades because somebody has to pay for the people
    who simply can’t, and we’ve been doing this all along.

    Only unreasonable/ignorant people would insist that something did not need
    to change.

    Most of the remarks here are typically partisan and childish. The AHA is
    what it is because of YOU, because YOU keep electing people who refused to
    do ANYTHING about escalating health care costs for decades.

    So go ahead and be outraged and throw your childish tantrums, you’re really
    just making fools of yourselves.

  7. Megarational says:

    When are Americans ever going to wake up, stop swallowing the insurance
    industry and partisan political propaganda, and demand universal single
    payer health care?
    Advantages of single payer hc system:

    1. covers everyone

    2. produces as good or better hc outcomes by medical condition, yet costs
    a whopping 7% of GDP less than the US syst

    3. Insurance companies can’t drop you (because you don’t even have to deal
    with insurance companies).

    4. you can’t go bankrupt over med bills

    5. pre-existing conditions are covered.

    6. you don’t lose your coverage if you lose your job, and no one is “locked

    7. no co-payments, deductibles or caps

    8. no claims to file

    9. No burden on businesses.

    10. No HMO’s or bureaucrats (private or public) coming between you and your

  8. carlindelco says:

    Do you hear how he twists and perverts what they said? This is why I call
    democrats Dirty, Disgusting, Filthy, Wicked Creatures!

  9. Frank Johanson says:

    Both Gruber, AND this Senator should be in prison.

  10. 2012escapee1 says:

    In Nevada, $12,000 deductibles, on top of 10%++ of your monthly income as
    payments are considered “affordable care”. I think that’s cruel, and as
    good as not having any insurance at all.

  11. nomoreserfs says:

    This is precisely what is wrong with a two party system or having any
    political party for that matter. I compare it to a police officer who uses
    excessive force, coercion, rape, and murder on his victim and the the very
    department that he works for defends his actions. No different here, no
    matter how wrong somebody is or how “cruel”, the political party that he or
    she belongs to will defend that person no matter what. Further evidence
    that government sucks. Stop participating in their stupid election it only
    motivates them if you do. This is what the majority of them think, YOUR

  12. poo shoveler says:

    I hate having better insurance then I had before. I really hate being a
    small business and being able to buy insurance at the rates of the large
    companies. This romneycare.. I mean obamacare is so horrible. What happened
    to the good old days where I could die penniless from cancer? What is this
    country coming to? Poor people can just die in the streets what do I care
    about them for. I only care when they try and kill them in the womb. Once
    they are born fuck em.

  13. Gabor Zolna says:

    Senator Angus King Is Nuts!

  14. RckinRoll1 says:

    YES they ARE that cruel

  15. Mike Lipsey says:

    Loved the straw-man argument “Are you saying people shouldn’t have
    insurance…” Gotta’ love liberals and their flawed reasoning.

  16. Commodoor64 says:

    Lies? Stupidity? The simple truth is that sick people have a hard time
    getting affordable health insurance. The way health insurance works is that
    premiums go down when more people are enrolled. But if you sold Obamacare
    this way, people wouldn’t want it because most people with insurance are
    healthy. But this was never a deep dark secret. Both sides talked about
    it… ad nauseum. Now, as it turns out premiums are going down for the vast
    majority of people.

    As far as the stupidity of people is concerned, look at Kansas. They’ve
    continued to cut taxes, now they’re in a budget crisis. If the Republican
    politicians had told Kansas constituents that they were going to allow
    ~200,000 business to pay zero taxes and no new jobs would be created, and
    then services would be cut, would Kansas voters have voted for those
    Republicans? NO! So let’s not suggest that voters are well informed. There
    is plenty of stupidity among voters of both parties to go around.

    Neither Republicans nor Democrats want an informed constituency, which is
    why people end up making personal attacks instead of discussing facts;
    personal attacks is the level of understanding among the masses.

  17. nin6246 says:

    I’m still not hearing anything at all about the FDA – it’s simple, they
    make sure that drugs are safe (unless they screw up, which happens) and
    that they are effective. The latter really piles on costs and
    inefficiencies. It is my opinion that the FDA, if anything, should focus on
    safety and let organizations test for effectiveness of the developing
    drugs. The other problem with the FDA is that it requires an enormous
    amount of money to develop and patent a drug – this lowers the availability
    of potentially cheaper alternatives by adding costly barriers to entry
    which ultimately hurt the patients who need care. Perhaps we should direct
    health care reform towards an individualistic model that allows full choice
    to consumers of health insurance services while making use of health
    savings accounts. 

  18. James Phelps says:

    I wish fox would let their guests speak.. They always interrupt. 

  19. Gil Michelini says:

    The senator is saying look at our results not at how we accomplished it.
    The administration committed fraud to get votes (aka Obamacare) at the cost
    of jobs. How many people have lost jobs because of Obamacare or be reduced
    to part time? How many people have lost insurance because of Obamacare?

    Yes, it was great to get these folks insurance but there had to have been a
    better way than lying to “stupid” American voters. 

  20. Chris Cunningham says:

    If you have insurance, guess what… you won’t be penalized.

    End of story.

  21. Andreas karlsson says:

    Always funny when a fox news host says “were only looking at the facts” as
    if they ever cared about facts!

  22. masta865 says:

    This is the exact response every Democrat will give when asked the tough
    questions… They will turn the question on its head, not answering it in
    the least, and instead mock the question, provide meaningless statistics
    that were achieved through huge losses, and then still find a way to mock
    Fox News after all is said and done.

    Vote for Hillary in 2016, or else your a misogynist idiot!

  23. Christopher Giamarino says:

    Developing countries have universal healthcare and the American public is
    too selfish to pay a tax on their income so that all Americans can possess
    a basic human right. It’s scary how big a role the media plays in skewing
    people’s opinions when they rarely have the facts; they take snippets from
    speeches and turn the American populace against one another in a
    bi-partisan split. It’s sad…we cannot revolutionize, innovate, and update
    our political system to help everyone because of this ignorant and lazy way
    of reporting truthful evidence and facts that never does that: report the
    facts. Notice how they are only concerned about money at the end…they
    don’t give a shit that the guy called the American people stupid…their
    argument reverts back to money…Fox is a disgusting parasite that veils
    the truth and disallows Americans from gaining useful knowledge to make an
    educated decision and vote correctly. 

  24. eazyezwife says:

    Three assholes that got called out on their bullshit. And King was right.
    These cocksuckers ARE THAT CRUEL. They don’t give a fuck about the average
    person in the trailer park agreeing with them…I bet these “anchors” have
    the best healthcare and to say that one man making this speech whether you
    liked what he said or not is a reason to repeal the bill–then I have a
    newsflash for these scumbags…8 million newly-insured people in America
    just said FUCK YOU.

  25. carlindelco says:

    He says 8 million have insurance now that didn’t.. ahh how do you know?
    That’s NOT true.. they can’t track anything..

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