Arabic Wax- How to prepare at home in 2 minutes!

This is my recipe for the Arabic Depilatory Wax. Enjoy it! and send me your results to my facebook page:) In questo video vi …
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24 Responses

  1. أنيتا بنت دارل says:

    Here’s a funny story, so I made this wax somehow my suger didn’t disolve
    properly I realised this after it got cool, it doesn’t sticks on my skin

  2. Josie S says:

    -Okay, use 1 tbs and 1 tsp of water, no more.
    -do not take it off the stove too early, let it brown a bit. (Bout a min or
    2 after It starts yellowing)
    -I put it on a wet plate. Do NOT put too much water!!! Only coat it a
    -play with hot wax with spoon for about 10-15 min. Should be quite quite
    WILL LOSE IT’S CONSISTENCY. Eventually, it will start to dry while you’re
    kneading it!

  3. Daryn Herman says:

    I once made sugar wax and it just stayed runny and it was getting messy so
    I just wiped on my legs… Then I realized that I had no strips so I sat in
    the bath for an hour omg.

  4. Yuan Xilu says:

    I wanted to say thank you very much, you don’t know how much your lessons
    meant to me.
    Not just the speaking lessons but things liek the waxing.
    I am half arabien, my father was arabien, but as I was born and grew up in
    europe and my father already has passed away I didn’t know anything about
    him and never had a person to talk about those kind of well curiousity.

    It may sound wrong but well removing hair like maybe my cousin I never will
    be able to meet do, it make sme kidn of proud to well live a little bit of
    my roots I never got to live.

    So thank you very much ♥

  5. Jazmane Plauger says:

    Do you have to use the lemon juice? I don’t have lemons or lemon juice and
    I’m broke til the day after Christmas, but want to be smooth for Christmas.

  6. Tasworld says:

    My kitchen is made of wood, there is no marble. :(

  7. Shilpa Sharma says:

    hey..i tried for two times but failed in both the trials.i did follow the
    tech.the way its shown…when i took it in my hands it started sticking to
    my hands and sugar crystals were formed..dnt know why.

  8. Jizz Cobbledicks says:

    It came out too hard 🙁 

  9. Francesco Versace says:

    I eat it at the end, its taste really sweet

  10. Randommelly51015 says:

    im curious how it would be i have brown sugar

  11. Robynn Ninjah says:

    this is a great video 😀 Loved watching this!

  12. brian heidel says:

    is this okay for ALL parts of the body?

  13. Marina Ferreiro says:

    What if my counter isn’t marble???

  14. dona jus says:

    You dont need to work with it while its still hot.
    Put it i a plastic and wait maybe 15 minutes till it cools down…
    then take some of it with a knife and play only with that little of the
    sugar paste…
    its easier to work with a little than to work with it all…
    also because you dont need all of it … 

  15. Cassandra George says:

    Ok I’ve tried this twice so far and have not succeeded. I’m gonna try once
    more after reading some of the suggestions, but this is not nearly as
    simple as I thought it would be!

  16. Qai Za Da says:

    candy!!!! i have a question, why u should put salt?? its not for eat right?

  17. Xio Delgado says:

    I have ti say the first time I made it, it came out just alike. I was happy
    that it took 2weeks to grow hair again 

  18. Stephanie Zdyb says:

    is it okay for your face

  19. Tania Carolina Vergara Ulloa says:

    Hey girls!!!!!! I solved the big sticky-liquid wax problem!!!!! The key of
    all is THE LEMON JUICE!!!!! The lemon makes the sticky consistence. I tried
    with this variable:
    –> Mix the sugar and salt with just 1 TBSP of water and 2 or 3 TBSP of
    lemon juice <-- Is the lemon juice that makes the wax sticky and DO NOT WET YOUR HANDS WITH WATER (water gives a liquid consistency) USE SOME DROPS OF LEMON JUICE Try to not use all your hands for mix, just your fingers. You can put a dish in the freezer for 3 min and then spill the wax on it, is more quickly. I hope you get it right. :D

  20. Tony Alsaad says:

    faculo perche non fai piu lezione di itliano 

  21. nikola dujkic says:

    What is the name of the song that is played in the video!!!

  22. Jade says:

    Mine keeps coming out to sticky that I can’t mold it like that why is that?

  23. Malak Samei says:

    Lol cool

  24. Marivel Avendano says:

    I have tried this and it didn’t come out it. it stuck to my hands even
    though I wet them or it was just like slippery soap in my hands. I also
    put everything in right so What am I doing wrong…?

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