Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Boondox City (Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.68)

Today we wake up to the sound of a strange meteor, head to the awesome city of Boondox, meet my friend’s spirit villager, give Graham a run for his money with another cute hamster, receive…

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23 Responses

  1. WhyYouLookinAtMyUsername ;3 says:

    His character looks like ash xD

  2. Zadie K productions says:

    Wasn’t there a warning in the animal crossing Wii vversion that Mr
    resettie’s voice and characteristics were disturbing for kids and parents
    must make sure to save their child’s game or something like that anyway he
    scared the hell out of me when I was a kid why would anyone put that in a
    kids game?

  3. Allison Thompson says:

    I have Roscoe, but is neighbors with Bunnie in my town, and is often
    getting in fights with her and Timbra.

  4. Le Me says:

    I have Roscoe and Hamlet.

  5. coolcon 8 says:


  6. Natasha Vue says:

    Wild world is old but still ok not too bad

  7. c.qcumber funny says:

    I have a request,can I get your friend code PLEASE? I want Olivia to BE in
    my game. My friend code is:
    3196 3531 3505. Reply please :DDDDD


    I have kyle in my town.

  9. Toxic Fang says:

    He copy meeeeee copy copy copy meeee bought the game before you coppyyyy

  10. ハンター / 猎人 says:

    I still love you but you running around the town carelessly and not on the
    path(s) makes me really annoyed omg.

  11. Miss MinecraftSimmer says:

    How do you get balloons when Andrew gave him a balloon how do the get it

  12. Karkat Vantas says:

    What Hat Are You Wearing For Ness?

  13. Shihid Stevenson says:

    in got the bath room flore

  14. iChoco late says:


  15. Patricia Sath says:


  16. kaylee phraner says:

    Kyle lives in my town he is awesome

  17. Bella Stone says:


  18. Savannah Scott says:

    I get all inforateon for this game to play

  19. BloodPix666 says:

    Wow Kyle reminded me instantly of my douche ex…Kyle O_O” They have that
    same aura and look. I hope he never moves to my town =_=

  20. Sofia Gomez says:

    Omg once u found Paula (the bear) I found out she was moving in my town!!

  21. Kevin Benton says:

    Talk louder next time

  22. John Williams says:

    and I have pinky aswell!

  23. Nichole Atkinson says:

    I love hamlet. <3

    I have two towns you can dream of.

    Dragon ..from.. Hula Key
    5300-2178-6439 dream code.
    just updated.
    I'ts a town where the evil dolly haunts an evil dark castle.
    Pluss if you talk to 'Dragon'..she tell you to go
    find 5 bodies in town. all the animals are spooked
    by all the bodies,so please help clean them up.
    Its a horror based zen town.
    gifts all out on the bridges.

    Candy ..from.. CocoaRum
    5500-3954-2250 dream code.
    Just updated.
    It's a candy-river theme town.
    the mayors house is done in
    multi-sores,like pets theater..
    and coffee shop and actual theater
    3 other houses to explore as well.
    And gifts all out on the bridges.
    Candy would love you to help her
    find her pet dogs and cats,in town.
    She misses them.

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