Andrew Jackson Jihad – People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World [Full Album]

People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World – Andrew Jackson Jihad, click see more for the tracklist! All credit goes to Andrew Jackson Jihad and respective parties 1….

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25 Responses

  1. Tristan Odle says:

    The comments are awful. Go back before it’s to late.

  2. Mewtewz says:

    this is the best fucking ablum i’ve heard in a while

  3. AdemonlikeYOU says:

    Can all the people who arent here to listen and enjoy the music please

  4. Francis Cooper says:

    @Mickey Morrow, the last verse of Personal Space Invader talks about how
    you should do what you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone. The verse
    before (the cocaine verse) is talking about how many cocaine users use the
    excuse that it doesn’t hurt anyone else, when in reality, cocaine is
    manufactured often overseas by children (the “captured babies” referred to
    in the song) and by purchasing cocaine, you perpetuate this practice,
    rendering the argument that “it doesn’t hurt anyone” both invalid and
    immature. Hope this helps!

  5. kyle032196 says:

    Some people ask how it’s possible to like this band. Well i’d say it’s
    simple. I don’t try to like it. I just heard it and enjoyed it. So now i’m
    here. If you don’t see anything in it, you don’t like it. It should be
    obvious by now humans enjoy different things sometimes.

  6. nicholas72611 says:

    This is fucking terrible. Do /mu/ hipsters actually like this? Jesus

  7. Hector Tormos says:

    ISIS brought me here

  8. Slade366 says:

    Is this album a meme or something?

  9. ChugLlFE says:

    This is a good album, fite me irl (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

  10. Contrariwise37 says:

    I hate people who publicize via YouTube comments but I’m gonna do it myself

    Please check out my music, my project is called Saphron, and I have two
    albums, “Kills to Song Yourself To” and “Obligatory Purgatory”. It’s lo-fi
    indie rock folk punk shit stuff

  11. Rosalba Himura says:

    Black cats arent bad luck :c that hurt me

  12. Slippery Shota says:

    the reddit users who dont like this song make me kinda sick.
    learn to like something new.
    try to be a better person.

  13. Darkthorn998 says:

    This album is definitely one of my favourites. I love it so much. One of
    the only albums that can unconditionally make me happy again after a bad

  14. Spencer Graham says:

    I love this album.

    Stop the hate

  15. Dylan Ruble says:

    Sounds similar to Kimya Dawson 

  16. Calvin Geer says:

    WTF do hipsters even like

  17. FishizleGames says:

    People II and Personal Space invader are bretty gud, check out Hate Rain on
    me from their other album
    Dont listen to Christmas Island

  18. Andy Howarth says:

    no other punk folk band comes close to these guys, going to see them soon
    in manchester U.K. 

  19. TheMrdarkhorse says:

    This album got me through so many shitty awful things and I’d like to say
    thank you Sean and Ben. You’ve saved a life no matter how indirectly.

  20. James Harris says:

    These comments are fully of people who don’t know what folk punk/anti-folk

  21. Zensatanbagel says:


  22. Blaine Deverick says:

    I know it’s pretty hipster but I kinda like it

  23. Lily Summerlin says:

    So glad my friend sent me here

  24. Noxious Haze says:

    I like Andrew Jackson Jihad but they’re definitely not folk punk, maybe
    alternative folk (if that’s a thing) fits better.

  25. Kj Mj says:

    They are not hipsters. They folk punks. 

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