Alton Brown Teaching Knife Types & Techniques – YouTube.MP4

Alton Brown Teaching Knife Types & Techniques - YouTube.MP4

The immensely talented and intelligent chef Alton Browing showing the different knife types and styles and how to use them!
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13 Responses

  1. Lindle Lee says:

    You generally only need a few knives. A paring knife, a chef’s knife and
    maybe a cleaver or a serrated knife

  2. Zephyrus411 says:

    Looked on the Shun website, each knife they sell can cost up between $200
    and $400 per knife! I’m sure they work superbly, but fuck that shit! 

  3. Balee Tong says:

    I like how he ends it with ” you may or may not be qualified to use these

  4. Gwen Patton says:

    The quality of the video isn’t great, but the quality of the information is
    excellent! I already knew most of this, but having it laid out, what knife
    is used for what, is always a valuable thing to know.

    I don’t currently have a good set of kitchen knifes. I DO have a two-piece
    set of Kyocera ceramic blades, a santoku and a paring knife, and they do
    the bulk of my fine kitchen knifework. I have some cheapo kitchen knives my
    Mom clearly got on the Home Shopping Network — I will admit that I don’t
    treat them very well, but then, they’re not all that great to start with.

    I DO sharpen my own blades rather than send them out. I have a high-quality
    set of diamond sharpeners that I use on everything from pocketknives to
    slicers, and they work wonderfully to establish a good edge. I have a
    ceramic steel for honing, and it works just fine.

    I was looking at Wusthofs, but I think Alton may have convinced me to try
    Shun blades.

  5. raherql says:

    So many unitaskers! For shame, Alton Brown!

  6. Faylina Meir says:

    I love AB but I own 5 knives, 4 chef knives and 1 cleaver. They’re all
    Japanese made but not any “name brand”. I hate paring knives and my chefs
    knives are kept sharp and slice just fine. I also own a pair of heavy duty
    kitchen scissors (shears).

  7. Jonathan L says:
  8. Unguidedone says:

    Alton Brown is a boss :)

  9. Wayne Thacker says:

    I have a set of Shun knives and they are the best quality knives I have
    ever seen or used. Their quality is unmatched. Sharp as a razor.

  10. Andrew Hellsing says:

    your short a blade 

  11. Karen Kitchen says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this video!! It is just what I needed.

  12. Normand Corbeil says:

    everybody loves a sellout

  13. Al Lilianstrom says:

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