Altered Food -Puttanesca-

HIGH RESOLUTION VERSION CAN BE FOUND: and The ultimate cooking show from Berlin, with live music and, of course cooking,…

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11 Responses

  1. Erik Stripparo says:

    thanks man! maybe u can help us out and promote us a bit? peace

  2. pSsaSsafras says:

    is this gig rigged?? lucky you’re so good looking!

  3. Erik Stripparo says:

    cheers ace! 🙂

  4. charlieparis1 says:


  5. AUDREYoftheISLEofELY says:

    Ok I’m sure about that I just saw but it was still pretty funny.

  6. bowlingballout says:

    Great video!

  7. mila888 says:

    ahahaha nice

  8. Directorian says:

    You guys are crazy with your whore pasta! 😛 Hope everything is going

  9. WyethDigital says:

    Awesome you guys! Do you have a website where I can watch higher resolution
    versions of the videos? One word: Podcast!

  10. Erik Stripparo says:

    I love it!

  11. christinastardust says:

    Hey Erik! Hey Mr X. As I already said, great show! Can’t wait to watch the
    next one. Christina

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