alright by me

The video that you see is taken from commercials that were taped with a VHS by my grandmother. I edited them down a bit and did some minor alterations. It is all from 1988. Commercials of PSA…
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  1. Mike Swayze says:

    I love this! I faved it! Very very cool song!!

  2. Boucrate says:

    Hey that’s a cool heavy musical and words journey…Bravo!

  3. redshiftexperiment says:

    thanks for the feedback, it is all welcome. I am having computer issues
    right now, so it will be a while till I get the 2nd version up.

  4. TheBuckster3D says:

    5*s on it all !!!! Last two lines are power ! You were right !!!!!

  5. Doug Clare says:

    I really like the beat, chords, and emotion, in this song! The lyrics and
    vocals are very good and original sounding. I don’t get the video, in
    relation to, but the song is excellent. Very good creation!

  6. redshiftexperiment says:

    @017mls thanks bro! you rock!

  7. Steve Piffer says:

    Like the song a lot! Love the gritty guitar sound. Since you say it’s a
    work in progress I’ll offer a few suggestions that i think yu may like (or
    not). Vary the open hiHat through the song. Increase the tempo a bit and
    have it increase through the song as the guitars get a little more
    aggressive as well. The vocals you could vary by yelling them more
    forcefully in one part of the song perhaps here… “Not trying to make
    excuses Humans dont need excuses ” I want to hear the other version too.

  8. redshiftexperiment says:

    thanks so much! yes, you are quite correct that the videos meaning is
    somewhat indirect. i do appreciate the very nice comment, and thanks for
    the sub!

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