All-Natural And Organic Solutions To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

All-Natural And Organic Solutions To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay Whether you live in an area with seasonal mosquitoes or are planning a vacation where the pests are common, you need some natural repellents. You can utilize essential oils and other organic products to keep them away from you and your area. Dump out any containers with stagnant water in them. If you are vacationing, check outside of your hotel windows to make sure that there are no pools of water beneath them. For sitting water that cannot be dumped, add some coffee grounds to them. This will turn the mosquito breeding ground into an inhospitable environment for the eggs. Use a net and/or all-natural mosquito coils made from herbs to keep them from entering the room or your living quarters. When vacationing, check your room when you first arrive. If necessary, use coils to drive the pests from your room and then hang the netting to prevent new ones from entering. Switch your outdoor lighting. Use yellow bug lights, sodium lamps or LED lights that repel rather than attract mosquitoes. When you have a campfire, add some pieces of eucalyptus or other plant that repels mosquitoes to keep them away for awhile. Rosemary is an excellent choice for use in a fire and can also be used to make a spray for you and others in your party. Soak the leaves in a bottle of rubbing alcohol, strain and then apply to the skin. Neem oil is a favorite among naturalists to repel mosquitoes. You can mix an equal amount of the oil with a carrier oil and massage thoroughly into your exposed skin. The flying insects dislike the odor, which may take some getting used to. Most types of mint are also useful as mosquito repelling agents. You can create an extract in a spray bottle or even rub the fresh leaves on your skin. Plant some mints shrubs throughout your yard to help make it less desirable to mosquitoes. Likewise, you can plant and use lavender flowers to get rid of your mosquito problem. One of the great things about this solution is that lavender essential oil is safe for use around children. You can dilute it in a carrier oil and massage into your skin. If using lavender or any other repellent on children, make extra sure that you are using the proper dosage. Remember also that pets can be sensitive to many of the natural solutions that are safe for people. Always keep your animals safe while protecting your family from pests. Another option is garlic. Eat it regularly, massage a bit of the oil into your skin or make a homemade spray for your yard. You can also plant it strategically in your garden to stave off mosquitoes and other pests. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your time outdoors or your vacation. Use these methods to keep them out of your yard, away from your hotel room and off of your body! Natural and effective, you can use the combination that best suits you. Hans Seca is a successful businessman and has been factory trained with 7 years of experience in outdoor insect and pest control. To learn more about mosquito control DIY systems, visit today.

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