All Living Things Luxury Rat Pet Home Review

Review for the All Living Things Luxury Rat Pet Cage. I do not like this cage. It works for what I use it for however I would not recommend it as a permanent home for rats. Dimensions:…

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25 Responses

  1. Tera Shewchenko says:

    Thanks for this review 😀 I was actually seriously considering this cage
    but now that I know the perils I don’t think I’d have been too happy
    putting all that money into it for a cheap design. So you’ve saved me some
    frustration. Better to buy a slightly more expensive cage and actually get
    some quality for the price. Thanks so much!

  2. francisco alvarez says:

    Can this be for a guinea pig

  3. Breonna Folk says:

    Aww! Baby Amber! :D

  4. binx says:

    Just a clue your missing. The whole back of the cage opens from the side
    for cleaning. My only issue is that my rat keeps eating thru the bottom of
    the cage and getting out. I have two females but only one gets out and
    comes straight to me in the middle of the night to kiss my face. So
    securing the pan has been a challenge. Other than that it has been well
    worth the money for my non inbred snake food rats. Healthy and happy. I
    have never had any problem getting them if you put it together correctly. I
    noticed you had an albino rat. Why? They are commonly defective and not
    very friendly also not used for proper snake bait. Also rats don’t eat
    meat. So don’t feed it to them. Make sure they have vitamins in their
    water. Great and hearty for kids however scan pick up a cold from a human.
    If left untreated they will die. Always wash your hands before you hold
    them for their protection and again after for your protection. Enjoy….

  5. Bells Snowpaws/Pencil Craft says:

    I have this same cage except I got it new as part of a rat starter kit
    although mine only came with two levels. I would love to have a third
    level. Mine came with the hammock but one of my boys chewed it down to the
    point where I couldn’t fix it.

  6. Lestan82 says:

    I have the same cage, and I absolutely love it. Its very easy to clean and
    its roomy. Ive never had any of the plastic snaps on the levels to break. I
    do agree that the urine does pool up on the levels but easy fix is to cover
    them with fleece, and just change the fleece as needed.and wipe the ladders
    off daily.sorry you didnt have a good experience with the cage. Although it
    isnt as nice as critter nation :-)

  7. Mary Komisar says:

    I actually love this cage, I did my own review of it, if anyone wants to
    check it out. I have three boys in it that free range all day. If you set
    it up the right way, it’s very easy to grab ratties who won’t want to come
    out. People underestimate how versatile this cage really is. Your platforms
    do look oddly flimsy though. Mine are very thick clips, and thick levels.

  8. SAMMIsLIFE says:

    I have this cage for my 2 rats,i like it-the plastic levels make for easy
    cleaning with baby wipes and its big enough for 2/3 rats, its a good cage. 

  9. lovelyg4m3r says:

    I don’t want to seen rude, but you do know for proper quarantine you need
    to put the rats in completely different air spaces. You might as well have
    put the babies in the CN immediately, they’re in the same room, same
    airspace, anything they could have passed to the others, the others would
    have already got.

    On another note, I hate that cage too

  10. Fuzzy Pets says:

    Is it OK to use a similar size cage (Super pet my first home for exotics)
    For a little while, maybe a couple of months, and then upgrade to critter

  11. Jess M says:

    you said you didn’t like this cage… would you suggest a different one for
    a permanent home?

  12. RatGirl44 says:

    I subbed

  13. William O'Connor says:

    is it good for traveling

  14. Fred Ned says:

    I have that cage omg

  15. RatGirl44 says:

    Yes, eventually I will move them in. They are doing great with my older
    females (that was them jumping in the cage nosing around HA) Just right now
    I have them on a high protein diet since they are babies. My adults would
    steal all the food since they are greedy pigs!

  16. CherryStitch Heart says:

    Oh I have this cage 😀

  17. Danny's Pets says:

    i had that! i hated it! THE SHELVES BROKE TOO EASILY….and cleaning was a
    pain too!

  18. RatGirl44 says:

    Yea and like I told someone else its pricey for what you get. Look at
    Martins cages. They have some nice ones that around the same price.

  19. RatGirl44 says:

    Yes. This cage is a PAIN! However it really depends on your price range.
    The cage I have is around $200 however it will last forever and most rat
    owners love it. Martins cages are also really well made and you can get all
    different sizes and the prices are a bit better.

  20. Jess M says:

    I am thinking of getting 2 rats. is this good for them?


    Great video!!! You could always buy them another Critter Nation or Ferret
    Nation or you could buy them a massive bird cage with easy access, just
    some ideas. You could try bonding them with the other rats as they get
    older slowly introduce them and they could live with them!!! Hope i
    helped!!! 🙂 xx

  22. zorgulon11 says:

    Is this a good starter cage?

  23. NoaDaKiwi says:

    Oooohhh, I have rats too! 😀 I also hated this cage when I had it. 😛

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  25. E B says:

    Thank you so much! That means a lot to me 🙂 your rats are cute

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