Agile Estimating and Planning

Agile Estimating and Planning Training: Have you been wondering about what Agile Estimating and Planning looks like? how it is different from traditional…

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  1. Jatin Desai says:
  2. Arun kumar says:

    one of the best i have seen but background noise is bit disturbance 

  3. Mohamed Asfour says:

    Thanks Sally!

  4. vinod menon says:

    Excellent Presentation, covers a whole lot of estimation issues,
    methods and approaches.

  5. Colin Poulter says:


  6. Tim Field says:

    You are working on releases with a burn up chart for one team, that is
    straight forward enough when you know the sizing and their velocity (43
    minutes in). When you have a large project with multiple teams and features
    shared across them you can’t compare points across the teams therefore your
    release burn-ups don’t work. This is the typical issue I see with this sort
    of planning. There is an additional problem with trying to size up a
    backlog where it is hugely unknown, you are back to not being able to give
    an answer of how big up front even if your velocity figures get better.
    Basically all of these techniques work when the projects are small, but
    what would you do with 20 Scrum teams working on a product being asked for
    an end date? It will fail. 

  7. Michael Rudenko says:

    very well presented and easy to digest … Thank you

  8. Prajakta Deshpande says:

    Very Nice and informative

  9. niren prasad says:

    Simply great !!!

  10. Gary Black says:

    Best video I’ve found on Agile Estimation thus far…

  11. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    This is the best stuff on agile estimation i have found so far. Thank you
    so much…

  12. Venkata Narayana Bathula says:

    One of the best video seen on Agile estimations..

  13. toplad73 says:

    really great video

  14. modelsofidentity says:

    This presentation was very useful, thank you!

  15. Rohin Patel says:

    My team is just starting to look at Agile methodologies. This presentation
    has been quite informative. Very well done!

  16. Sam Mathai K says:

    Nicely put together. I loved the presentation.

  17. Satish Kumar says:

    Good Presentations..Thanks!!

  18. George Peter Sears says:

    I’ve enjoyed the presentation. Nice work.

  19. Kapil Chawla says:


  20. Ousmane Ndiaye says:

    So impressed with this. Definitely learned lot!

  21. Ramesh kudikala says:

    good nice video to watch

  22. Dele Oluwole says:

    great presentation.

  23. Jimmy Varghese says:

    Well explained

  24. Istvan Orban says:

    Agile planning and estimation video. It is worth watching.
    Agile Estimating and Planning #estimation 

  25. Lubenska Svitlana says:

    Very good presentation, thx!

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