Acai Berry- The Weight Loss Super Food- Why Acai is Best for Weight Loss? Benefits of Acai Berry !

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5 Responses

  1. xXxiLoveKaylaxXx says:

    did you excorsize and stuff as well? cause im 16 i weigh like 160, and i
    work out every day and i was thinking about using these

  2. fatlosssecretdiet says:

    Hey, I am Nancy….. Nice video I must say. Acai is working for me too.
    Acai rocks..

  3. KLove Harris says:

    actually its not!!! If u were smart youd know that! Ive been on it for 2
    weeks and already lost 12 lbs!! You order on a prepaid card, put enough
    money on it to get the trial for $4.95, and no more. They can’t keep
    chargin a card with no money on it! You just have to be smart!!

  4. oprahfatburndiet says:

    Acai is extremely beneficial for losing weight naturally. Superb video.

  5. leela727 says:


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