Abraham Hicks ~ A channeling experience gone wrong

For more information on the teachings of Abraham please visit www.abraham-hicks.com. For a discussion on the law of attraction please visit www.zmahoon.weebly.com.
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20 Responses

  1. Roshi the Sayian says:

    Interesting truly

  2. kendi425 says:

    Excellent advice

  3. L Andersen says:

    She’s Evil!

  4. This is Zain says:

    She won’t even let the poor woman say what she experienced. Abraham is
    manipulative and duplicitous, interrupting people when he/she/it knows what
    the person is about to say might blow the lid on the whole operation. Same
    ignorant logic He/She/It promotes about the Jewish population of Nazi
    Germany inviting the holocaust upon themselves. Monsters and Charlatans:
    Esther/jerry/Abraham. Convenient that disciples of evil say there is no
    devil, which allows these tricksters to hide in plain sight, where all good
    tricksters hide.

  5. allthingshigh says:

    If? “It doesn’t matter very much” Then it does matter where the information
    is coming from. Its as simple as that

  6. Jarvin Ajoku says:

    Words,thought,and deeds create our reality. Words from the Buddha.

  7. tttttttyger says:

    I love reading the positive comments. I skip the negative ones. As all
    else in life :)

  8. Cheezeakamp says:

    im sure if u seen whats out there ud shit ure pants

  9. cccincocc says:

    That’s when you “pivot” – when you catch yourself trying to “figure it
    out”. It doesn’t MATTER That’s the feeling of “stuckness”.. People are
    taught to examine and dissect unwanted experiences and THAT takes a LOT
    longer than 17 seconds! That can keep you on a track and building up
    momentum for days, right? Well, cut it out. ROFL!! Things go “wrong” for
    one reason and one reason only. What more do you need to know? “Figuring it
    out” keeps it active and building momentum – i.e. it gets bigger.

  10. cccincocc says:

    Awesome! That looks like an EXCELLENT pivot! You don’t need me, just whoop
    and holler that you pivoted! THAT’S all you have to do.

  11. Friday Weekend says:

    @cccincocc, thanks for your comments 🙂 “Wouldn’t it be cool that your
    comment keep me in the vortex” ThanXx 🙂 <3

  12. Tom Hollingsworth says:

    In joy and sadness, depending who you are (as a reflection of experience)

  13. Gary B says:

    wow women believing in psychics? surprising huh.

  14. savagegrlyy says:

    Then why watch Abraham? Get outta here

  15. gillian azimy says:

    i see and believe if i believe there is nooo dark that can enter my space –
    there is noo dark, so uplift, everytime i have no fear, as fear is only a
    thought i could think xx

  16. cccincocc says:

    If you’re thinking “how can I do ____?”, then you’re NOT believing that
    it’s already done. That’s a check point – pivot right then – oooh, that’s
    good! If you’re thinking “how” then THAT’S when you pivot – THAT’S when
    you’re moving the wrong direction. You might not actually feel “bad”, but
    you know you’re moving the wrong direction, regardless, because it’s
    already done. It’s ALL done.

  17. lightandloveandflow says:

    haha ‘something steven spielberg put together’.

  18. cccincocc says:

    If you’re thinking “how”, that’s when you pivot and switch to “Wouldn’t it
    be cool if…” and you keep going until you’ get to “Wow, that’s an AWESOME
    idea!!”. Use it when you’re feeling relatively good and see what happens!
    MAGIC!! “How” comes up a LOT! All day, everyday, for most people! How to
    get around traffic, how to find something, how to get somewhere, how to
    make money – they’re all “hows”.

  19. darren prosser says:

    Obviously this woman was attacked by a demonic entity. Abraham’s answer is
    idiotic in light of her terrifying encounter. Read Joe Fisher’s book ‘The
    siren call of Hungry Ghosts.’ These beings are liars. Another good one is
    ‘Betrayed by her Guardian Angel.’

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