A Vision of Students Today

a short video summarizing some of the most important characteristics of students today – how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, what their lives will be like,…
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25 Responses

  1. Cherisa Chapa says:

    Technology efforts in education…

  2. Pangeia Demo says:

    Na Pangeia os alunos aprendem quando querem. Os encontros com os
    professores (mesmo quando são virtuais) servem para discutir ideias.

  3. Ikiah Mosely says:

    To all of those out there starting college(including me…)

  4. Deborah V Sanoto says:

    An intruiging video, just shows howIT rules the world today, and that using
    ICTs to enrich learning and teaching is most welcome to our children TODAY.

  5. 10000 Subscribers With No Videos says:

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  6. Lulu Mfazwe-Mojapelo says:

    So true…digital technologies are part and parcel of our lives… I can’t
    do anything without my smartphone, my tablet is my life. Pity in South
    Africa we still have students in rural areas who have no access to such
    technologies, however the government is also trying to make all of these
    accessible to everyone in the country. We slowly getting there…

  7. ElfHostage says:

    anyone else come here because it was an example on how to cite a youtube

  8. M Avelli says:

    Tech in the classroom will help with multi-tasking and make certain things
    easier for both student and teacher.

  9. Russ Humphrey says:
  10. Lennart says:

    Laptop costs more than some people make in a year? Yea for us our normal
    dinner costs more than some people make in 3 months. All relative.

  11. Carol L. Kelly says:

    I am curious about how many of you react to this video. It is short and
    chock full of information. Let me know what you think.

  12. sheyi anjola says:

    I think this video raises more questions than it actually answers.

  13. KrtNeo says:

    It is so hard…… Funny many many others have done more with less and did
    not have the advantages of the internet with all the answers. But they got
    thru it. When you pay to go to school you should pay attention and get what
    you’re paying for. The fact that they are bringing laptops to class and
    surfing facebook is a choice they made, if they do not want to learn they
    make this choice, the teacher does not have to force them to listen, since
    they are supposed to be “Adults”.

  14. laxjoh says:

    Great video but before going over the issues of how what these students
    feel is ruining education; we should focus on how these colleges no longer
    care about education and is more for the money. Debt for college student
    loans are tremendous and are the new mortgage.

  15. Larry Harris says:

    Something to consider…

  16. Peter Wu says:

    I wish i could get 7 hours of sleep but i’m still in highschool

  17. d fie foe says:

    Great video. And how ‘quaint’ to actually read a set of YouTube comments
    that are 95% eloquent and relevant. Well they were today 22.2.2015….

  18. vittoria arena says:
  19. Ro Freeman says:

    Students Today

    I can relate to the students in the video because I also had to buy books
    that were not used or only a small percentage of the book was used during
    the quarter or semester. Most teachers skipped around a bit in the text.
    There was never enough time to use the book to its entirety and by the time
    the next semester rolled around you have set that book aside and got
    another for the next class or classes you have.

    In this day and age because of the technology we have today most of the
    curriculum is web based. I have found that most of my instructors have
    choose this mode of teaching. I feel that though this is the way of the
    times that yes its good and yes its bad. I think it benefits on levels of
    convenience at times and also saves on cost when it comes to printing etc.
    But the down fall comes in when some of the things on the curriculum are
    things you can learn from home on your own instead of paying all this money
    for classes where most of what the teacher shows you or tells you can be
    done on your personal computer.

    Meaning for example I went to an intro video class and we were shown alot
    of youtube vids. I also find that it is a waist when you go to classes but
    come out of them not knowing enough to even be considered when entering
    into the work field. So then to try to compensate that by having to put
    time in to teach yourself. Example using photoshop, illustrator,digital
    photo editing, raster drawing, etc. In the field of graphic designing.
    This is because most of the adjunct teachers or professors only taught a
    few things to get you pass a project here and there. And most instructors
    may have the attitude that if you get it you do and if you don’t you don’t.

    As for students with technology facebooking,texting, emailing,listening to
    music,calling during class or otherwise more than using more of that time
    studying and not paying attention in class because of this. This has made
    it easier for the masses to be dumbed down (which to me was the plan from
    those who want to continue the trend to dumb down the masses).

    Once again I say the whole education thing is big business, a huge cash cow
    for those higher up. Not always a win win situation for the graduate. Most
    of the graduates are just left in dept or the economy goes left so their
    field of study and career takes backseat from center stage. And then some
    are left to think the best thing is to start over and go back to school
    again and take up a new major in something that maybe the happening field
    at that time or not.
    So the cycle continues now you have all these degrees and maybe even more
    dept and the higher up has fatter pockets.

    And yet again when the chips are down you maybe left jobless or be stuck at
    the bottom of the totem pole.


  20. Lois Bugg Shadrick says:

    this class used a aiki to create this assignment. How can you use wikis to
    engage your students?

  21. Carol L. Kelly says:

    John Gray you make a valid point but my opinion is that it would be
    accurate across the board for most college students in America.

  22. Ngọc Huy says:

    Everything is changing. The world is changing, Education is changing, also.
    Our world is created by the older generations. The older generations are
    never the same as ours. So, we must mingle with the new situation. If the
    teachers can have the tech activities, we will have the modern devices to
    meet their needs.

  23. Simon Drazic says:
  24. Can O says:

    This world is in decline, it is indescribable as moral, sexual explicit
    images, projected on television, magazines, celebrities go nude or seminude
    on public appearance, pornography is all over in internet. Our children and
    adolescents see them as the best example to follow; this combined with the
    violence experienced in level imaginable these days; progress in science
    and technology is a breakthrough for humanity, but to men in the 21st
    century act out of context; very sad very sad this world walks in his own
    disaster, tragedy. Not the Ebola, wars, even weapons; if no man is his own
    enemy. I feel for those new generations who rise to lead our countries in a
    not so promising future.

    Deshacer cambios

  25. Cindy Thomas says:

    I am nearing retirement as a clinical RN and graduate May 2015 with MSN
    Education so that I can teach nursing students the profession I love.
    Being a digital immigrant, I am learning how to incorporate technology into
    teaching. The challenge is to teach in a student-centered way that meets
    learner’s needs and creates a lifelong love of learning. 

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