A Phillips Exeter Academy Experience

A Brief Reflection from an Exeter Alumnus Well, I am officially an alumnus of Phillips Exeter Academy and now everything feels a little off. It’s strange knowing that I won’t be going back…
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  1. KikiThe Simmer says:

    I’m applying this year! so excited!

  2. Lauren Opara says:

    I never want to graduate! This made me sad 🙁 Hopefully I can teach at
    Exeter when I grow up.

  3. kouvang2334 says:

    You just get to a point in your life when you reflect on all the decisions
    that you ever made. I have friends and family who’s always saying I want to
    go to the academy but it’s so hard. I say “shoot they came to see me”. Even
    the high school I attended in the city is hard and I made first list. I was
    at the top of the list when they received my application. But hey, the past
    is the past congrats to all students and graduates.

  4. Alexander Patrick says:

    some1s gotta learn how 2 use CG……..

  5. kouvang2334 says:

    14 yrs ago I was highly recruited to go to the academy. I graduate middle
    school with a GPA of 4.5. I was the only child and was very sheltered, I
    didn’t go I still attended a great high school in the city. But like every
    teen got caught up with the wrong crowd got arrested and went to boots
    camp. I eventually got back on my feet now I’m 27. Obtain my degree in
    business work in a school, but I wonder what could’ve been.

  6. Matthew Tighe says:

    @johnakma congrats

  7. DJ Well Dressed Man says:

    Wrong campus, Big Blue is the Way

  8. oildon says:

    Pffft, name one reason as to how Andover is better?

  9. LuisaLuvzYew says:

    I am determined to get accepted..even if it’s late. I WILL do it. Mega-nerd
    action time!! >:] -pushes up glasses by nose- 😀

  10. bbbjjj999777 says:

    they invited me and I’m not sure I should leave Ohio. I heard it’s one of
    the top schools in the nation…

  11. hilsnchad says:

    That is beautiful. what an amazing video and what amazing memories for you
    to reflect back fondly on.

  12. Larry Wiseman says:

    Im going to try to convince my parents to let me apply, and hopefully i get
    to go

  13. theinquisitivedonkey says:

    @lijiayong98 What grade are your applying to? I am also hoping for a slot
    in 2011.

  14. MonicaFilms says:

    God, I’ve been cyberstalking Exeter for too long, I wanna get in so badly.

  15. Shawn Defeudis says:

    True that.

  16. lemon0water0crisp says:

    @Cheddie201 high school

  17. Ricardo Pagulayan says:

    Went to the PEA Summer Session of 2010. I stayed in Ewald dorm. It was a
    great experience, the high light of my summer.

  18. lijiayong98 says:

    exeter’s so much better than my current school. It has a huge campus, it’s
    amazingly fun to study there, and it’s cool to be smart. I am determined to
    get it’s offer @2011 FALL. Go exeter! I will try my best!

  19. Eradic8ion says:

    @MrZigfee All the normal stuff like good grades, etc. but also, you have to
    have something special to offer to the school. For me, it was art and
    sports that got me in. Also, i recommend going up there for the interview
    and not just doing one on skype.(shows ur interested). besides that, just
    do as well as you can. I hope you get in and experience the same level of
    excitement that i did 🙂 good luck!

  20. Jack M. says:


  21. bbbjjj999777 says:

    I was invited :p

  22. chromifox says:

    welcome to exeter, class of 2015 🙂

  23. Rosie h says:

    its kinda hard to explain. grades and test scores are important, but i
    found it mostly came down to who you are. the interview was what helped me
    get in because i was able to have a conversation about my passions and
    goals and establish myself as “interesting”. my advice is work as hard as
    you can, make the applicant essays personal and try to relax and just enjoy
    the interview. the admissions people are super friendly and easy to talk
    to. hope this helps a little! ~class of ’15

  24. mmantech says:

    did you get in? be honest.

  25. udontnoudontno says:

    I’ve also been to Exeter Summer program just recently of the summer of
    2009. It was really great and I hope to get accepted to exeter for the fall
    semester of 2010. GO EXETER!

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