A look at future Human evolution, what we might look like and how we have already changed.

The future of human beings Homo sapiens, the name for you, myself and ever human being that exists on our planet, we evolved from Africa about 200000 years ago and carried on evolving until…
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25 Responses

  1. Julie Larick says:

    so basically we will look like anime in the next million years.

  2. damian kane says:

    wait a min ..wide eyes flat face small nose taller less muscle mass and
    smarter .. we’re gonna like aliens…future time travel .. the aliens found
    were evolved humans ??? haha yeah …e.t. iphoned (yr 2250) home 

  3. BrickBreak says:

    I believe in the adaptation of living beings such as apes to men but the
    origin of life is what hits me. Even if chemicals came together to form
    organic compounds it would never create a cell. This is where religions
    comes into play for me. Mix Christianity and evolution and that’s what I
    believe in. I don’t believe everything the bible says and I don’t believe
    everything scientists tell me. 

  4. Richard Ames says:

    The future for humanity is extinction. 

  5. Sean Boyle says:

    According to your thumbnail, we will all look like David Bowie

  6. Boone says:

    Humans won’t evolve any further. We are not affected by natural selection
    or survival of the fittest. 

  7. Lounis Ha says:

    we were not monkeys , dumas 

  8. Sean Harris says:

    I can disprove Christianity right now. Supposedly there was a flood that
    covered the entire Earth, and killed all life that wasnt on a wooden boat,
    that somehow contained a pair of every single one of the 30 million species
    of animals on the planet and were all within walking distance of Noahs’
    house. Now even if that absurdity was true, wouldnt the flood have killed
    all of the plant life on Earth? Wouldnt every type of plant not able to
    survive underwater be extinct? If Noah harbored termites on his boat, as
    they are a species of animal, wouldnt they eat away at the ship causing it
    to collapse, or sink? What about dinosaurs? Dont you think the bible would
    have mentioned giant mutant lizards walking around the Earth? Or are
    Christians now just ignoring dinosaurs and claiming they didnt exist at

  9. Robert Bailey says:

    What ancestors of ours actually looked like apes? They would be in museums
    with the dinosaurs… But they are not. Why do u think this is?

  10. Rolando Lopz says:

    aye atheist. Ill disprove you right now, maybe even make you question
    1. How come there are only 2015 years recorded? Actually, how come there
    are THAT MANY?
    How did the humans 2015 years ago know that the earth went around the sun
    every 365 days? How is that possible if we were only able to go to space
    recently? *With the help of a supreme: God* There is absolutely no way
    scientists estimated we’ve been here for 2015 years, they might as well
    call today “whatever billionth year this is”.

    2. this applies to the 1st one, if there really are 2015 years, wheres the
    recording of the first thousand years up to the kings of england and such?
    IN THE BIBLE. Sure, the bible was written by mankind, but it was written by
    man kind 2000 years ago, and I can guarantee 2000 years ago, people were
    good, unlike today. Which is why all the names of religion are in the
    bible, because right before the start of year 1, God. “spawned” the
    Universe in. That is when he roamed earth. And that is why the bible
    exists, that is why the english in the bible seems weird to us, because it
    was early english. The language God spoke. The devil’s acts started to
    happen, which is why we do not see God anymore. Humans became bad, and God
    left us back then with the bible. Now, we wait for his return, and its my
    right, and every other cristian’s right to defend this, and prove atheists

  11. Manny Dominz says:

    Just believe in god he’s the reason we are here and the devil is trying to
    convince humanity to believe in this evolution when who created us was and
    is god.

  12. Arka Sarkar says:

    The narrator had a weird accent. Was he a Kiwi? :P

  13. Lucas Brandon says:

    3:50 Holy crap… WERE GONNA BECOME ANIME O.o

  14. SoulRippster says:

    Evolution is driven by envrionmental pressures and sexual selection.
    None of these have a considerable impact currently, so no, we are currently
    not evolving…
    The wisdom teeth for example, we were loosing the wisdom teeth because the
    complications of having them could kill you and therefore favour people who
    didn’t have them. Right now that pressure no longer exists so we are not
    loosing the wisdom teeth, we simply remove them and carry on passing the
    wisdom teeth gene.
    So ironically the more science develops the less the environment has impact
    on us and the less we will evolve as such…

  15. Vreaus pleez says:

    *The next step in Human evolution is learning The Truth about Life and
    Death, raising our awareness level, and creating a much better
    world/society.* ~> Google “The Truth Contest” and check out their website
    and its top entries.

  16. Slyguy846 says:

    atm people are reproducing with whoever they want so evolution won’t
    happen. holy fuck. how do you believe this?

  17. Latinfilmz says:

    Evolution is full of it…
    If u plant an orange seed it wont give u an apple doenst matter the changes
    it gone thru or the enviroment an orange will produce orange seeds and will
    grow up to be a freaking orange… samething with us were already genticly
    coded to look like this only slight diffrence would be the racial
    background but thats about it u “theorist”are confusing and lying to
    clueless ppl and sad part is u keep tormentimg them until they believe u
    f-off with ur darwin theories if u can proove not by fossils or cavity
    searches that humans came from a freaking fish then an ape plz tell me but
    again no fossil evidence no theories freaking proove it u douchebags… all
    Ik is I didnt come from a freaking lizard or ape man thing, I came from a
    human so did my parents and so did the ppl before them…. scumbags

  18. max kim says:

    wouldn’t the next evolution begin with not having different races?

  19. Mcc Fudge says:

    So eventually we’re all gonna look like bald anime characters… Tall ones
    at that… I kinda figured we would turn into fat blobs with no eyes 

  20. sjavo juškovičs says:

    we’re not from fucking africa ! this is bullshit

  21. Skelia The Fox-Wolf says:

    Hooooold up….earlier my head was hurting by it is still now….my wisdom
    teeth has been loosening for the past few weeks….*HORY SHET AHM

  22. severence harrison harrison says:

    Am not a fucking monkey your fucking morran 

  23. AOD2874 says:

    We didn’t evolve and we’re not evolving. It’s called mutating or adapting.
    We may have changed but we’re still human. There is no proof of a
    evolutionary change of kind, just opinions

  24. Fara Dan says:

    Retarded video, no evidence, no explanations. And that part of women not
    growing body hair because men don’t like it?? Wtf lool

  25. FerrariDMC says:

    Theory is not fact… We have ZERO proof we evolved.. 

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