A Little Bit Of What I Eat! Healthy, Plant Based!

Hey guys, so this is a little bit of what I ate to lose my last 10 pounds and lean right out! It’s healthy and delicious. I have alot more videos to come I promise! Keeping VERY busy with our…
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  1. Alexis Rose says:

    I’m really so upset 🙁 i’m a vegetarian but I am allergic now to mostly all
    raw fruits and vegetables.. 🙁 so I can’t really eat anything healthy
    anymore…… like, I can’t have smoothies…… no apples and peanut
    butter. no healthy snacks !

  2. Jessie R says:

    hey, i absolutely love your channel! i’m just starting to transition from
    vegetarian to vegan but i was just wondering how you get your protein? 

  3. Sonya Cueva says:

    Thanks for posting this.: )

  4. BluestSkypsl says:

    Lindsey . I like your menu. I am new at this and great suggestions. I could
    be satisfied eating what you are. Love that steamer. I need to get one. We
    have some digital plastic one but I don’t like heating plastic

  5. Terra Smith says:

    For the banana ice cream you can peel the bananas and freeze them in chunks
    ahead of time, then you don’t have to wait for it to freeze after blending.

  6. Ashley Mortimer says:

    Isn’t being vegan expensive 

  7. Lindsay Christine says:
  8. nicgiu says:

    you can try quinoa pasta! it’s amazing too

  9. yvfreebd says:

    Loved your recipes! I definitely wanna try the last one, looked amazing

  10. barbara owens says:
  11. Chessa Barron says:

    This looks sooooo good!! Can’t wait to try it all~especially the pasta.
    Can you get Corn Pasta easily or only select grocery stores?

  12. Nataly Lopera says:

    Wow it all looks so good! Great meal ideas ^_^ Thanks for sharing <3 

  13. Alexis DeFrates says:

    I posted a video on vegan snacks! Please watch and give it a thumbs up 🙂 

  14. siknik4prez says:

    Hey I just found your channel and you’re really inspiring me to try out
    this lifestyle! I’m a little confused though because in another video I saw
    you were saying that you eat raw till 4, but you are cooking these tomatoes
    and I know you said you had a piece of toast in the morning. Are these
    things “allowed” because they are not cooked past a certain temperature?
    Hopefully you can clear this up for me! Thanks!

  15. MakeupByHaylee says:

    The pasta looks so yummy! :)

  16. Jessica Day says:

    I wouldn’t store stuff in the fridge in the can it came in if it’s canned..
    BPA and aluminum can seep into the food!

  17. Danielle H says:

    Hey Lindsay! I’m getting curious about this lifestyle and I’m starting to
    do my research. Hopefully I could ask you a few questions? You’re
    mentioning eating peanut butter, fried tomatoes, etc. That seems like a
    moderate fat intake to me. I really don’t mean to berate you–in fact, if
    this diet as you show it is working for you, that seems a lot more
    manageable than what I’ve seen in some of Freelee’s videos. How strict are
    you with the raw thing? Do you have any idea what percentage of calories
    you get from fat? How much do you spend on groceries in a week?

  18. Amelialilly12 says:

    Hi I’ve just come across your channel, not managed to watch all your
    videos, can I ask do you eat normal humus at all?

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