A Day In History: How to Avoid Telemarketers

What happened on this day in history? The National Do Not Call List, that’s what! This day in history: June 27th. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=yabigfreak…

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8 Responses

  1. That Was History says:

    Phone calls from telemarketers can be some of the worst you will ever
    receive. Come learn how to avoid them!

  2. Hiway says:

    Originally, I would hand off the phone to my daughter who was my “Vendor
    Administrative Assistant” as I told the callers in those days.
    Unfortunately she turned 4 and began to enunciate and speak clearly so she
    was fired and the dog has been promoted to that position and has held it
    diligently for many years. “Hello sir? Can I talk to you about our new
    package designed to save you money?” “..ummm- here let me put you on with
    my Vendor Admin.” “…Hello? Sir? Madam? Are you eating? Sounds wet.”

  3. Hiway says:

    “someone has to do those jobs” Really? What are we…. slaves? Nobody needs
    to support, condone, or engage in any of those jobs… and people sure do
    not need to respond- and rarely do. To take that stance, to defend anything
    to do with this practice in any manner is to accept it- shame on you- that
    is a poor message for our youth. Our founding fathers were not well behaved
    men who rolled over at oppressive and subversive tactics… they were
    rebels, and muckrakers- now that is some history.

  4. Genghis Don says:

    Gawd did I hate them.

  5. That Was History says:

    Someone has to do those jobs, but I don’t know why anyone would want to.
    They probably have you on a “save yourself the trouble” list now. haha.

  6. That Was History says:

    Yep. We post every single day now, so you have a lot to look forward too.

  7. 1GoodRiddance says:

    I need to catch up on your videos. I didn’t know such a list existed. I’ll
    definitely be adding my phone number to it!

  8. Genghis Don says:

    I’ve a suggestion: can you fit the year alongside the date in the

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