70s Mother Nature *Chiffon* Margarine Commercial

‘It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.’

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25 Responses

  1. Art Hernandez says:

    Who remembers these old commercials?? 

  2. Dragonrider1227 says:

    I’m not even from the decade this ad aired in and I love this ad XD

  3. Etienne Sanguinous says:

    Vintage American commercial: “It’s NOT nice to fool Mother Nature”

  4. aramanth says:

    I like how she is reading a bedtime story to the animals starting with “And
    Goldilocks said ‘who’s been eating MY porridge'” LOL! Reversing the three
    bears story, too funny.

  5. Michael Harker says:

    Happy 86th Birthday Dena Dietrich aka Mother Nature! :)

  6. Xander Taylor says:

    She started out young & sweet here & later on became more Endora-like
    (Agnes Moorhead’s character on Bewitched). I liked all these commercials.

  7. Alan Eichler says:

    She’s played by the great stage actress Dena Dietrich.

  8. Sherry Strong says:

    Mother nature is not this stupid!

  9. Groovy Reflections says:

    You know the old saying “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” …but she
    seems so nice! The Mother Nature themed commercials ran from 1971 through
    1979. 70s Mother Nature *Chiffon* Margarine Commercial

  10. mredstriumph says:

    There wasn’t even the term “mother nature” before this character.

    Sad what inane things can shape our world and influence our thinking.

  11. Cree Ingles says:

    I remember this commercial from my childhood. :)

  12. Steph P says:

    Okay, my brother used to sing it like this: “If you think it’s butter but
    it’s snot. . .”

  13. sueandpups says:

    Fun to see this after so many years!!A favorite when I was a child! :D

  14. Murphy Jacobs says:

    For +Bliss Morgan

    Actually, your crown looks better, but *shhhhhhh*…

  15. Long Island 70s Kid says:

    Back in the 70s, we all learned that “it isn’t nice to fool Mother Nature”
    from this classic TV ad.

  16. Groovy Reflections says:

    Don’t try to fool her! 70s Mother Nature *Chiffon* Margarine Commercial

  17. David Boone says:
  18. Andrew Adam Caldwell says:

    Happy Mother’s Day

  19. Stonepa says:

    Me fool mudder narter

  20. TheOldschoollover says:

    I remember this commercial like it was yesterday!

  21. MrVeesworld says:

    I just remembered the lyrics word for word after 35 years of not seing
    this. Whoa weird.

  22. sweiland75 says:

    I never knew Mother Nature was so sexy.

  23. Deb414 says:

    LMAO ooooooo such sweet memories

  24. stormamos says:

    Iconic and memorable. I was making grilled cheese sandwiches w/Blue Bonnet
    soft and my daughter said, “why are you putting mayonaisse on the bread?”
    It reminded me of the commercial. I said, “it’s my soft creamy butter.”

  25. SSCheweyToad says:

    0:01 more like “so I said, who’s been eating MY MAGIC MUSHROOMS???”

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