6 Minute Six Pack Meals – The Perfect Dinner for 6 Pack Abs

6 Minute Six Pack Meals - The Perfect Dinner for 6 Pack Abs

http://www.sixpackfactory.com brings you the very first episode of our brand new series , Peter Carvell’s 6 Minute Six Pack Meals. In this video I show you one of my favourite meals I make…

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24 Responses

  1. Kadeem John says:

    The ad was at my school! Lol #UB

  2. superstubes says:

    What’s a chicken breat? ha.

  3. webmaster657 says:

    Spice up any meal by tossing a bag of brown recluse spiders into the
    ceiling fan!

  4. Fu Shi says:

    looks like dog food…

  5. John Williams says:

    Microwaves kill the nutrients in the foods. I don’t understand for the life
    of me how the health advisers don’t know this. If you do a test on two
    plants, …one using tap water and the other microwaved water, the one that
    was watered with microwaved water will grow much slower. Stop recommending
    the use of a microwave.

  6. OJ Nicmanis says:

    packed veggies + microwave, its just wrong.

  7. Linternauter says:

    His accent is all over the place, where is he from? Australia, Liverpool,
    Mancunian, Italy, Greece, or Boston LMAO

  8. Angel Colgrove says:

    are you irish? i like that accent or and your channel is awesome 

  9. tina lamont says:

    I just love how people comment on you tube. Pointless bollox. The guy is
    trying to help you to eat healthy tasty food, and all you worry about is
    his accent or the microwave?!! Go to twitter or facebook to talk crap!

  10. sebastian miles says:

    Chicken, sardines, salmon meat is meat just add veg & nuts for stamina &
    brain power & you got it made eg. Pecans, walnuts, cashews, almonds or all
    into a milled powder. all great stuff

  11. sompass sa says:

    It is the food look like for healthy,but What is ricpe.I don’t know.

  12. Lee says:

    *chilli sauce?
    *chicken from where? looks like fast shopping one.
    *nothing healthy with vegetables from the bag
    just all wrong

  13. Dana Charshee says:

    I love your accent

  14. Hazael Sanchez says:

    I’m going to try it 

  15. TheOriginalMrMoose says:

    Looks great, but I could eat 2x or 3x that amount! Being low-cal, bet it
    wouldn’t hurt to eat a double or triple portion. Then again, maybe I
    should stick to 1 serving and a DIET PILL. LOL

  16. SedraDaller says:

    Instead of putting chiken can we put tuna in the salad ?

  17. Louise Serate says:

    Fucking bastards complaining about the microwaved meal but did you read it?
    It’s a six-minute meal..six-minute prep time. Jeezus christ.

  18. Jess Gomez says:

    Thanks for your ideas I will apply it to my cooking skills.

  20. mario712145 says:

    I want an eight pack…this simply won’t do for me.

  21. Mike Codi says:

    this guy’s right,that food is good

  22. Morris Andersen says:

    Add soya if u want more salty

  23. indianluvsguitar says:

    Ugh microwaving meals?? No thanks. 

  24. Mimi shawi says:

    I’ve heard of vibrating ‘grinder’ machines..but i’ve never heard of salt
    and pepper grinder machines lol XD

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