6 Drunk People Who Should Have Stayed In Bed

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25 Responses

  1. Some Guy on YouTube says:

    Lol that last guy was killing it!

    To the windoooooooowwwwww, to the wall!

  2. Above Westman says:

    Hahahaha!! The last guy!

  3. MrArmokir says:

    I love it when random people jump in like they did in that last clip! 

  4. SithMasterpresents says:

    I didn’t know Jabba the Hutt used the subway system.

  5. Krizz !!!! says:

    Fuck wish I was on the train with the last guy

  6. TINA ROSE says:

    Good sport @1:22 xD hilarious to watch

  7. Sergio Pinto says:

    NFS Underground.

  8. thatoneguy! says:

    final vid: i wish i could have been on that ride!

  9. Erinn Wright says:

    6 Drunk People Who Should Have Stayed In Bed: http://youtu.be/mOnu_Uko1vo

  10. Amith Sony says:

    Which song was that drunk guy dancing to? :3 I just forgot the name 

  11. Foxxy Cleopatra says:

    The last guy is great haha !!!

  12. elmin82 says:

    01:40 drunk Peter Griffin.

  13. MrOrthogonalization says:

    0:50 That’s giving it the ole college try. Way to go, Skippy. You’re
    still getting no pussy, which probably explains why you’re so drunk.

  14. Nate Demerez says:

    That last one killed me, you’d never expect him to shout out singing
    something like that lol

  15. Michael Lawrence says:

    Just a reminder that alcohol has done more harm to society than all the
    illegal drugs put together. Unlike other drugs, however, alcohol is not
    classed as addictive, and it is not easily produced like marijuana. Alcohol
    is literally the only drug society uses which doesn’t undermine government
    too much, and is easily taxable. 

  16. Eric Demetriou says:

    The last guy was just fun! 

  17. Spetsop says:

    LOL The shopping cart guy made me think of the song “Underwear goes inside
    the pants” by Lazyboy LOLOL

  18. Brian Kidd says:

    I know the drunk lad at 1 min haha that was hilarious

  19. dan brady says:

    I would chill with the last guy. He seems awesome hahaha.

  20. Rollo Koster says:

    Lol to the windowwwwwwwww to the walllllllll

  21. MrOrthogonalization says:

    0:22 Dude also started putting on his underwear over his sweatpants, then
    gave up when he couldn’t get that working. If I ever get that point in
    life, please kill me.

  22. Nakima Ferrell says:

    The last guy was hilarious

  23. James Ford says:

    Sorry for the guy who couldn’t climbe the hill, if I was there I would help
    him to get to the top. But I am glad he was optimistic anyway.)

  24. Zerdy X says:


  25. ThatGaming Kid says:

    The drunk guy at the end was Awesome.

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